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10 Coziest Coffee Shops in Minneapolis

These are some of the best coffee houses Minneapolis has to offer.

If you're looking for your new favorite cozy coffee shop in the city of Minneapolis, you have plenty of spots to choose from. Coffee is a way of life there, and both locals and visitors alike can attest that the city is filled with hip coffee shops for every type of caffeine-lover. Whether you're looking to meet up with friends or to get work done remotely, there's always time for a delicious cup of coffee.

From cafes with live music to shops that turn into a happy hour dream, these are the 10 best coffee shops in Minneapolis.

Uncommon Grounds

uncommon grounds coffee house yelp
Emily S./Yelp

2809 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Located in a renovated Victorian-style home is the romantic Uncommon Grounds, filled with retro decor. The candlelit coffee bar is warm and cozy, and there's even a 50-year-old espresso machine from Italy. In the nice weather, guests can lounge out on the front porch while sipping coffee and meeting new friends.

Dogwood Coffee

iced coffee from dogwood coffee co in minneapolis
Jennifer G./Yelp

3001 Hennepin Avenue South, Calhoun Square, Minneapolis, MN 55413

There are three chic Dogwood Coffee shops in Minneapolis, all decked out with tons of booths and small tables that are great for meetings. This shop has tons of personality with its colorful wall art and tall windows that offer natural light during the daytime. They're also beloved for their matcha and coffee latte art.

Sisters' Sludge Coffee Cafe & Wine Bar

espresso from sisters sludge coffee cafe wine bar in minneapolis
Tim B./Yelp

3746 23rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407

A quaint spot that's nestled within the neighborhood is Sisters' Sludge Coffee Cafe & Wine Bar that is ideal for a cozy afternoon that can quickly be turned into a happy hour treat. There's plenty of wine, coffee, and delicious food options to choose from on the menu, making it easy to spend an entire day there.

Wilde Cafe & Spirits

latte from wilde cafe and spirits in minneapolis
Carrie K./Yelp

65 Main Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Wilde Cafe & Spirits was named after Oscar Wilde and embodies his eccentric taste throughout the cafe. There's a full food menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with popular options being the tater tot breakfast hot dish, caramel French toast, and the Minnesota hot maple chicken and waffles.

Spyhouse Coffee

interior of spyhouse coffee in minneapolis
Lora B./Yelp

2404 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55405

There are four different Spyhouse Coffee locations in the city, but all are charming in their own ways. From the welcoming atmosphere to the variety of drink options, it's a go-to for locals and visitors alike. The location is quirky with black tiles and vintage art pieces hanging throughout.

Parallel Cafe

parallel cafe coffee bar in minneapolis
Anatoly K./Yelp

145 Holden Street North, Minneapolis, MN 55405

Parallel Cafe is the ultimate "design goals," with its light-filled and marble interior. Menu options include amazing toasts, sandwiches, and salads, along with top-notch coffee and tea selections. Customers can even stay into the evening with the cafe's wine and beer menu.

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Gray Fox Coffee & Wine Bar

gray fox coffee in minneapolis
Caitlin M./Yelp

801 South Marquette Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55402

With open space and ample seating, Gray Fox is a local favorite in Minneapolis. Here they have hand-crafted coffee, healthy smoothie bowls, and a special happy hour menu every afternoon. During the day, you can order unique options like the donut latte or green smoothie bowl. For happy hour, opt for warm donut holes or cheese pizzas.

Riverview Café

quiche and coffee from riverview cafe in minneapolis
Louisa M./Yelp

3753 42nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Filled with live music and affordable drinks, Riverview Café always has something going on and is bustling with local fun. It doubles as a cafe and wine bar, while still staying kid-friendly with a play area. Menu options include vegetarian quiche, ciabatta sandwiches, and tons of pastries. Guests can cozy up by the fireplace in the evening with a nice glass of wine.

Boiler Room Coffee

latte and chocolate muffin from boiler room coffee in minneapolis
Apex S./Yelp

1830 3rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404

The independently owned and operated Boiler Room Coffee, located in the Stevens Square neighborhood, is a cozy and comfortable hangout spot. Customers choose from three locally roasted daily house blends, but this coffee shop also food for those who want to snack while sipping on their coffee. From fancy waffles to sandwiches made fresh in-house, it's a popular spot for people to meet and just relax.

Anelace Coffee

latte from anelace coffee minneapolis
Renisha P./Yelp

2402 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Anelace Coffee is nestled on Central Avenue with great food options and excellent coffee. The chill vibes bring in people looking to be productive and get work done. And the store serves fun options like hazelnut lattes and specialty teas.

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