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50 Most Epic Food Fails On The Internet

From disappointing to downright disgusting, these hilarious fails are sure to give you a laugh.
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Not everyone can be a master chef, and when amateurs attempt recipes designed for the pro's funny food fails are born. From a restaurant salad garnished with four single Cheez-Its to a monster meatloaf Halloween fail not fit a witch's brew, we take you from the disappointing to the downright disgusting with these absolutely hilarious fails.

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Holiday Fails

Finger Foods

Food fails finger food cookies

They were going for fingers, but they just look like really ugly big toes.

Rabbit Biscuits

Food fail bunny muffin

Incidentally, these rabbit biscuits turned out more like a tribute to Disney's Maleficent movie than a cute Easter treat. At least we know fans of the movie and Angelina Jolie would appreciate this epic baking fail.

Snowman Cake Pops

Food fails snow men holiday cake pop

Show these snowmen to the people who believe global warming is a hoax.

Lamb Butter

Food fail lamb butter carved

With what appears to be a very long list of instructions for this lamb butter, it seems more than one detail got lost in translation. Honestly, though, we aren't sure we could carve this one ourselves if we had a degree from a prestigious culinary school. One word: pre-made.

'Rabbit' Bread

Food fails rabbit poop bread

If someone dropped this 'rabbit' bread on the street, we might assume an irresponsible owner failed to pick up after their dog instead.

Dyed Deviled Easter Eggs

Food fail dyed deviled egg easter

We can't tell what's more unappetizing—the deeply dyed eggs or how the yolk looks like cheese spray.

Baby Chick Bread Roll

Food fails chick bread

These little chicks look more like they might eat us than the other way around.

Sheep Cake

Food fail sheep cake

If you want to laugh even more, check out the comments. Our favorite, from Reddit user tomhouse, says, "That genuinely made me laugh out loud. It's like a cross between a lamb and an Oompa Loompa."

Mummy Meatloaf

Food fails mummy meatloaf

Meatloaf can only look so appetizing to begin with so we have to sympathize with this scary fail, although we can't say it would be the most welcoming dish for your dinner guests.

Deviled Egg Chicks

Food fails deviled egg chicks

These look like the eggs are going as Minions for Halloween. Kudos to sticking to a holiday theme, even if it's the wrong one.

Valentine's Bacon Hearts

Food fails burned bacon hearts valentines day

These charred bacon hearts look like they've been prepared with a blowtorch than in an oven, and honestly, maybe it is better that they weren't on a Valentine's day menu, especially if you want to woo your sweetheart.

Candy Corn Cookies

Food fail betty crocker candy corn halloween sugar cookie

Next time this user should stick to the Pillsbury shape sugar cookies when they are feeling festive.

Easter Bunny Cookies


Food fails heart shaped sugar cookie fail

We agree with @alamedamark when she says, "Each one needs a strategically placed Hershey's kiss."

Frankenstein Cupcakes

Food fails frankenstein cupcakes

Slimy, gooey, green, this is scarier than the actual monster.

Cake Fails

Lobster Cake

Food fails lobster under the sea cake

This crustacean looks like it is holding on for dear life before getting plucked for the next lobster bisque. And if this cake has got you in the mood for some coastal cuisine, check out our Red Lobster tips to save money and slash calories!

Pinata Cake

Food fails pinata cake

This pinata cake is sort of like when one exploded hard candies instead of mini chocolate bars and money at your friend's 8th birthday party—a little disappointing and extremely underwhelming.

Martha Stewart Cupcake Cones

Food fails martha stewart cake cone

The domestic queen herself would be very, very disappointed…

Soccer Cake

Food fail soccer ball cake

If we tried to knock this around the pitch, we'd be kicked off the team.

Dinosaur Cake

Food fails dinosaur cake

This pond is so small, no wonder the dinosaurs went extinct.

SpongeBob Cake

Food fails spongebob cake

We hope SpongeBob isn't cooking our Krabby Patties looking that sick.

Patriotic Cake

Food fails flag cake

God bless pre-made cakes.

The Little Mermaid Cake

Food fails little mermaid cake

Looks like ocean pollution finally caught up to Ariel.

Undercooked Cake

Food fails raw cake

Well if Tina was going for a shipwreck, she nailed it. But you can see why underbaked goods end up on our foods most likely to be contaminated.

Rubber Ducky Cupcakes

Food fails rubber ducky cupcakes
MarkusMerila /Pinterest

It takes a special kind of baker to make rubber duckies cry.

Pug Cupcakes

Food fails pug cupcakes

To be fair, they look like the animated pug from Disney's Pocahontas, so she wasn't totally out of the box.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cupcakes

Food fails guardians of the galaxy cupcakes
Daily Mail/Pinterest

These cupcakes look like their catchphrase should be "I am mummy." Groot deserves better.

Princess Cake

Food fails princess castle cake

If we were in this castle we would be throwing our hair down the ice cream cone tower for rescue really fast.


Food fails minion cupcakes

"Oh my god, the eyes will haunt me for the rest of my days," said Reddit user SendNewts. We couldn't have put it better ourselves.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Food fail chocolate chip cookies

Cookies or cookie? You decide.

Frosting Stuffed Cookies

Food fails frosting stuffed cookie

Well, this is a sticky situation.

Dinosaur Cookies

Food fails dinosaur cookies

Dr. Ross Geller would not approve!

Oreo Stuffed Cookies

Food fails oreo cookies

The basic principle of a cookie stuffed inside another cookie is there, so good job Carol. You tried.

Cookie Cups

Food fail cookie cups

Delicious idea, extremely poor execution.

Breakfast Fails

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes

Food fails cinnamon roll pancakes

These might not look very appetizing, but we bet they still tasted delicious! That counts for something.

Rainbow Pancakes

Food fails rainbow pancake

Not only are the pancake colors just wrong, but they're hardly even circular. That's Pancake Making 101.

Dutch Baby Pancake

Food fails dutch baby pancake

This dish has most of the qualities one wants in a dutch baby pancake—the fluffiness, the slightly burnt edges, but falling out of the pan? Not so much.


Food fails waffle fail

We don't know if we're more intrigued by how bad this fail is or by the pattern of the waffle iron.

More Fails

Wedding Food

Food fails bad wedding food

We're sure this wedding snack was supposed to be cute and punny, but it seems a little too fishy. As one Reddit user put it so eloquently, "I wouldn't even serve this at a divorce."

Drunken Appetizer

Food fail drunken appetizer

According to Reddit user mschwartz33, this concoction is "Rosemary crackers, American cheese, onion dip, corn chips, with a Friday's mozzarella stick Cheeto thing." If appetizers are supposed to make you lose your appetite, this wins.

Beer Can Chicken

Food fails beer can chicken

We have so many questions about this one, but mostly, how did they burn the chicken this much before realizing they failed?

Owl Pretzels

Food fail owl pretzel

These owls looks like they belong in a Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp as the main character.


Food fails custard overflow microwave fail

This was an, ahem, explosive fail.

Garlic Bread Balls

Food fails burnt garlic knots

This man left his garlic bread balls in the oven for five hours…we don't really know what he expected to happen. The fact the balls are intact and not just dust is impressive.

Croissant Ham Melts

Food fails croissant ham melt

'Vaporized' would be a better word than melt to describe what happened to this croissant creation.

Jello Fish

Food fails fish jello

You could say this attempt was a "flop"…

Cake Mug

Food fails chocolate mug cake

The cup runneth over.

Chocolate Orb

Food fails chocolate orb

Since the Instagram world blew up with these fiery chocolate treats, which are made using a balloon, brave souls have attempted the dish at home to save a few bucks. The experience does not quite look the same…


Food fails cheese pizza no cheese

This is extremely disrespectful to pizza, and we will not tolerate it.

Restaurant Salad

Food fails cheesit salad instead of crouton

A garnish of Cheez-Its may not be the worst thing that happened to this dressing soaked salad because hey, when you run out of traditional croutons sometimes you have to get creative.


Food fails cheese burger without cheese

Last time we checked the key ingredient in a cheeseburger was…cheese?

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