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These Are the Most Popular Sandwich Chains in America

The winner is no surprise.

Sure, there aren't as many quick-service sandwich chains across the country as there are fast-food burger joints, but that doesn't mean fans' loyalty to the sandwich providers is any less fierce. So what is the most popular sandwich chain in America, according to new YouGov data? Read on to see what sammie stop took the top spot!

Methodology: YouGov pulled data from more than 18,000 survey respondents to create its sandwich chain rankings. The surveys were conducted over the past year, and YouGov created the list based on two major factors: quality and recommend (i.e., whether or not folks would suggest their friends eat at each sandwich chain).

YouGov only shared the top six sandwich chains, so you won't see other popular favorites like Firehouse Subs or Potbelly on this list. But we're pretty sure you've heard of these six options, and you've probably eaten at some of them, too.

Without further ado, here are the most popular sandwich chains in America.


blimpie best sandwich
Courtesy of Blimpie

Blimpie scored 5.5 on YouGov's Quality and Recommend list. While the top five sandwich chains ranked considerably higher, Blimpie clearly still has plenty of loyal fans.


Quiznos veggie guac sub

Quiznos earned a 12.5 on YouGov's scale. With its pepper bar and inventive sandwich options, the chain is clearly doing something right.

Jimmy John's

beach club sandwich
Courtesy of Jimmy John's

With a 13.5 YouGov score, Jimmy John's has plenty of fans across the country. Whether you go for an original sandwich, one of the "slims" options, or even the signature "Gargantuan" sandwich, you can't go wrong.


schlotzskys chicken bacon smokecheesy
Courtesy of Schlotzskys

Between the "Smokecheesy" sandwiches and the loaded mac and cheese options, everything at Schlotzsky's looks good. The chain scored 19.6 in YouGov's rankings.

The easy way to make healthier comfort foods.

Jersey Mike's

Courtesy of Jersey Mikes

Jersey Mike's has locations across the country, and it's second only to Subway in fans' hearts. With a 21.5 score from YouGov, Jersey Mike's beat out many of its competitors.


Subway black forest ham sub
Courtesy of Subway

With a 34.9 score on the YouGov scale, Subway blows the competition out of the water. Subway has locations across more than 100 countries, in addition to the United States, and fans can't get enough of the chain's subs.

It's no surprise that Subway topped the list here. But YouGov's rankings also show how much fans appreciate chains like Jersey Mike's and Schlotzsky's, too. The sandwich will always be a classic meal, and you can't go wrong getting one at any of these places.

Meghan De Maria
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