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50 National Healthy Food Holidays

Mark your calendar—and make it a point to eat extra-healthy on these highlighted days!

Every dog has its day, and that day is July 23, 2016, otherwise known as National Hot Dog Day.

No matter what your favorite food may be, there's probably a holiday to honor it—assuming, of course, that the manufacturers and marketers of said food have enough money to hire a lobbyist to get the necessary legislation passed. Which is why there's a National Cold Cut Day (March 3), National Chicken Wing Day (July 29), and National Cookie Day (December 4), allowing companies such as Oscar Meyer, Perdue, and Nabisco to cash in on the marketing opportunities such celebratory occasions present.

But that means that some of our less-processed, more humble foods—the acorn squash, for example, or the chia seed, or the halibut—miss out on the party. While packaged goods like brownies (December 8), potato chips (March 14), and even ice cream sodas (August 2) get to celebrate, those of us who'd rather rally around healthy fare are often left feeling like the unpopular kid on Homecoming night.

Fortunately, not every national holiday has to look like Cookie Monster's last meal. The editors at Eat This, Not That! have unearthed some celebratory opportunities for foods that are, yes, a little closer to the earth. Whether you're a fan of the slow-carb burn of sweet potatoes, the belly-filling fiber of artichokes, or the heart-healthy fats of pistachios, we've got the party for you. See which days are your favorites—and then check out the 23 Healthy Foods Celebs Can't Get Enough Of for more food inspo!

January 6

National Beans Day

January 9

National Apricot Day

January 13


National Gluten Free Day

January 16


National Hot and Spicy Day
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January 21


National Granola Bar Day

January 24

National Peanut Butter Day
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February 1

National Dark Chocolate Day

February 4


National Homemade Soup Day
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February 8


National Potato Lover's Day

February 16


National Almond Day
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February 22

National Sweet Potato Day

February 23

National Banana Bread Day
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February 26


National Pistachio Day

February 27

National Strawberry Day

March 1

National Peanut Butter Lover's Day

March 15


National Peanut Lover's Day

March 16


National Artichoke Day

March 22


National Water Day
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March 31


National Oysters on the Half Shell Day
National Clam Day

April 15

National Banana Day (Unconfirmed)
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April 16

National Mushroom Day

April 19


National Garlic Day

May 13


National Hummus Day
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June 3


National Egg Day
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June 15

National Lobster Day

June 17


National "Eat Your Vegetables" Day

July 3


National "Eat Beans" Day

July 10


National "Pick Blueberries" Day

August 3


National Watermelon Day
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August 5


National Oyster Day

August 8


National Zucchini Day
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August 22

National "Eat a Peach" Day

August 27


National Banana Lover's Day

August 29


National "More Herbs, Less Salt" Day
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August 31


National Trail Mix Day

September 4


National Macadamia Nut Day

September 7


National Acorn Squash Day

September 13


National Peanut Day

September 27


National Chocolate Milk Day
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September 29

National Coffee Day
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October 1


National Vegetarian Day

October 15


National Mushroom Day

October 22


National Nut Day

October 27


National Potato Day

October 29

National Oatmeal Day
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November 1


National Bison Day

November 4

National "Eating Healthy" Day (American Heart Association)
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November 22


National Cashew Day

December 1


National "Eat a Red Apple" Day

December 6


National Gazpacho Day

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