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IHOP is Handing Out Free Pancakes This Weekend

Celebrate National Pancake Day with a free stack at IHOP and other deals at Denny's, Waffle House, and more!

This year, the day when we celebrate the most delicious type of cake—a pancake—falls on February 25. And to celebrate National Pancake Day, the pancake gods at IHOP are inviting the nation into their house of worship for a seriously sweet deal. While that is significantly earlier than last year's March 12 date, IHOP's still had time to prepare quite the party.

From 7am to 7pm on Sunday, anyone who walks into an IHOP can walk out with a completely free buttermilk short stack. While you don't have to whip out the wallet to pay, the breakfast destination does ask that you consider donating. All donations go straight to benefit children's hospitals (Children's Miracle Network and Shriner's Hospitals for Children), and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. iHop has done similar charity involvements for Pancake Days passed. This year, they're aiming to raise $4 million.

"The communities where IHOP and our franchisees operate are at the core of everything we do, and National Pancake Day serves as a great example of our commitment to helping the kids and families who are our guests, neighbors, friends, and family," said Stephanie Peterson, IHOP's communications director.

The free stacks are limited to one per customer, but IHOP's pancake party doesn't end there. While you're enjoying your piece of short-stack heaven on Sunday, scan that QR code on the table's tent card. Just by doing so, you'll be entered to win one of 13 IHOP swag prizes (see the full list below), or the grand prize: pancakes for life.

  • $25 IHOP Gift Card
  • $500 IHOP Gift Card
  • IHOP Bike
  • IHOP Scooter
  • IHOP Custom Jacket
  • IHOP Beret
  • IHOP Watch
  • IHOP Blanket
  • IHOP Duffel Bag
  • IHOP Collectible Drinking Glasses
  • IHOP Water Bottle
  • IHOP Trucker Hat
  • IHOP Socks

The "pancakes for life" prize comes in the form of a giftcard for $15,000. We did the math, and that sum could get you one buttermilk short stack every day for seven years. Honestly, by the time you get to year seven, you might be done with pancakes. For life.

If you're not so dedicated to IHOP, or just looking to double-up on pancake celebrations this Sunday, you can grab discounted 'cakes at a few other joints, too:

  • Denny's: When you sign up for the Denny's Rewards program, you get 20 percent off your next order. Schedule this right, and pay 20 percent less for pancakes on Sunday.
  • Waffle House: No free pancakes here, but get a free order of hash browns when you join their Regulars Club!
  • Friendly's: Sign up for their BFF's Club and get 25 percent off your next order!

And, for pancake lovers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, North Carolina, and Missouri, Snooze's National Pancake Day celebration is a can't-miss experience. The A.M. Eatery is honoring pancakes all week. They've recruited their best chefs to create unique and delicious new pancake flavors (think Coffee n' Donuts, Local Garden Cake, Cajon Cochon), and are donating 100 percent of profits to local garden development and maintenance.

Whether you spend it "eating up every moment" at IHOP, or enjoy National Pancake Day elsewhere, this holiday offers plenty of opportunities to carb-load. For a healthy, at-home alternative, check out our stellar blueberry pancake recipe.

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