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The 4 Things Women Can Do to Make Sex More Enjoyable, Says New Study

Researchers polled more than 4,000 women to learn what techniques are the most effective for women.

A new study conducted by researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine and OMGYES, a sex instruction website for women, sought to uncover the techniques that women can do while having sex that would make the experience more enjoyable. The researchers drew on data provided by more than 4,000 women globally between the ages of 18 and 93, and the results were published in the journal PLOS One. The study yielded four newly named techniques for things women can do to take action during sex to enhance the experience.

"Until now, there haven't been words for the specific ways women improve their pleasure," describes Christiana von Hippel, Sc.D., MPH, a research scientist at OMGYES, a former researcher at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, in the official release. "By giving these prevalent techniques names and showing how they can be effective, we hope women will be empowered to explore what they like and advocate for what they want, in and outside of the bedroom."

Read on for the four techniques the researchers found to work for women. And for more news that can apply to the bedroom, make sure you're aware of The Sex Position That Helps You Sleep Better, Says Study.


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According to the research, more than 76% of women found this technique to enhance their sexual experience. It involves "rocking" the base of the penis "constantly during penetration," with the penis "all the way inside" rather than "thrusting in and out." For more advice you can use, see how Older Women Who Do This Have Worse Sex, Says New Study.


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The study found that 87.5% of women polled found more pleasure with this technique, which "involves rotating, raising, or lowering the pelvis/hips during penetration to adjust where inside the vagina the toy or penis rubs."


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Nearly 70% of all of the women who participated in the study found "pairing" to enhance the joys of sex. It's defined as having either the woman herself or the partner stimulate the clitoris with a finger or a sex toy during sex.


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More than 83% of women says that this technique works. The study defines "shallowing" as a "penetrative touch just inside the entrance of the vagina with a fingertip, sex toy, penis tip, tongue or lips." And for several reasons why you should have more sex, see here for What Happens to Your Body When You Have Sex, According to Science.

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