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One of America's Largest Sandwich Chains Is Launching Its First Burger

And it's the beefiest burger in fast food!

Arby's is affirming its authority in the realm of fast-food meat with a new limited-edition item that's sure to turn heads.

The chain is launching its first burger ever and making it count! Not only is it the heftiest, beefiest burger currently offered by a quick-service brand, but it is made of top-quality beef to boot.

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The new Wagyu Steakhouse Burger contains the largest single beef patty in fast-food today, weighing in at a belt-busting 6.4 ounces before prep. That's a staggering 50% more meat than you'll find in a McDonald's Quarter Pounder. Not to mention, the meat is a premium blend of 52% American Wagyu and 48% ground beef.

American Wagyu is a hybrid of Japanese Wagyu beef, which originates from breeds of cattle known for their buttery flavor and tenderness. Waygu is one of the most exclusive meats in the world. The two portions of beef combine into marbled excellence featuring a rich, beefy flavor and a premium steakhouse burger quality.

Speaking of excellence, Arby's steps it up one more notch by cooking this exclusive burger using the sous vide technique. The unique cooking method crisps up the burger edges and leaves the inside tender and slightly pink.

While the meat is fancy, Arby's keeps it simple with the rest of the burger—it's a classic combination of American cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, pickles, and a "special burger sauce" on a toasted brioche bun.

The chain first tested the burger at a sprinkling of locations across the U.S. last year, and clearly, the item was a success. You can get it at participating nationwide locations for $5.99 between May 23 to July 31.

Shaye Glisson
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