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Burger King Is Currently Testing Out Three Major New Sandwiches

Is the chain replacing its new chicken sandwiches already?

Burger King is kicking up menu innovation into high gear. Besides rolling out new breakfast sandwiches, the chain has also been spotted testing three brand new crispy chicken sandwiches at select locations.

According to Chew Boom, some New York City and Virginia restaurants are now selling crispy chicken sandwiches that aren't part of Burger King's signature Ch'King line. They're the new Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches that come in three versions.

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burger king bacon swiss cheese royal crispy chicken sandwich
Courtesy of Burger King

The Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich features a crispy white meat breast fillet topped with savory sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes served on a toasted potato bun. Then there's the spicy version with a triple pepper spicy glaze coating the chicken fillet, with all the same fixin's. And perhaps the most interesting one of the bunch, the Bacon and Swiss Cheese Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich consists of a chicken fillet topped with savory sauce, creamy Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes on a toasted potato bun.

So how are these different from the Ch'King sandwiches? Simply looking at the pictures, the chicken patty seems to be slightly thinner than the piece of chicken served on the Ch'Kings. Additionally, the savory sauce on these new sandwiches seems to be different than the sauces that come on the old sandwiches.

Burger King appears to be testing out the waters with this limited release and the move brings up questions about the future of the Ch'King lineup. Are the Royal sandwiches simply meant to expand on the success that the chain is seeing with crispy chicken or are they meant to replace the old sandwiches altogether?

It's certainly a possibility. While the Ch'King, and particularly its spicy version, had gotten some rave reviews early on, Jose Cil, the CEO of Burger King's parent company Restaurant Brands International, said that the initial sales of the sandwich were "modest." In fact, Burger King is one of only two major national fast-food chains still struggling to get back to its pre-pandemic sales figures—so some major menu changes may be in order!

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