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Cindy Crawford Reveals Her Exact Workout for Flat Abs

The supermodel's challenging workout routine has her looking fitter than ever at 55.

Cindy Crawford has been a fitness icon for decades and now, the supermodel is sharing her tricks for getting an enviably fit body with her fans. In a new video posted to her Instagram, the ultra-toned star reveals the workout she relies on to maintain her incredible six-pack. Read on to discover the exact moves that gave Crawford her washboard abs. And for more on how your favorite stars stay fit, Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Her Exact Workout Routine in New Bikini Video.

She sticks to an intense toning routine.

To maintain her incredible abs, Crawford adheres to a routine of weight-bearing exercises designed by her trainer, Sarah Hagaman.

In a new video posted to her Instagram, Crawford showed her followers how to complete the series of moves, which includes standing bicycle crunches, sumo squat side-to-side crunches, low plank ab saws, low planks with alternating knees, hamstring holds with alternating scissors, bicycle crunches, kneeling planks with alternating reaches, and side body raises with oblique crunches, with each move repeated 20, 30, or 40 times.

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She does plenty of cardio.

It's not weight training alone that keeps Crawford in such enviable shape, however. The star also incorporates regular cardio workouts to keep her blood pumping.

In Nov. 2019, Crawford revealed one of her favorite cardio exercises to fans with a video of herself jogging up a flight of stairs.

She starts her day with a smoothie.

Food is a significant factor in Crawford's recipe for staying fit and healthy. In May 2020, the supermodel revealed that she kicks off her day with a smoothie to stay full and focused throughout the day.

Her go-to recipe? A cup of almond milk, a third of a banana, a cup of fresh spinach, 10 fresh mint leaves, a scoop of protein powder, two teaspoons of Welle Superelixir Greens, and a small handful of cacao nibs.

She adheres to the 80/20 rule.

cindy crawford in black dress on red carpet
Phillip Faraone / Getty Images for Dow Jones

While Crawford may stick to a mostly healthy diet, she's admitted in the past that she gives herself some leeway when it comes to her food.

"I try to be 80 percent good 80 percent of the time," she told Into the Gloss in 2014. "For lunch I'll have salad, sometimes with chicken, sometimes without. For dinner we'll go for sushi, or if we eat at home, I'll try to make a meal like turkey meatballs with pasta, a salad, and a vegetable. I just don't have the pasta."

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