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This Is the "Most Annoying" Coca-Cola Drink to Order on a Plane, Flight Attendant Says

Here's why ordering this one drink holds up beverage service for everyone else on board.

It's probably fair to say that at one point or another, we've all been that person: The one who orders a little something complicated that sends our server scrambling. Unfortunately, reveals one flight attendant, it doesn't take much to be that passenger on an airplane. Turns out there's a particular ask that holds up beverage service for everyone else on the flight if you request this Coke product.

Check out what one pro of the friendly skies said is the most annoying thing anyone can order on a plane.

The tip comes from Travel + Leisure.


Via USA Today, a flight attendant recently revealed to Travel + Leisure the most annoying thing anyone can order on a plane. The reason is not because they're calling you high-maintenance, per se—the truth is, this is a totally average beverage choice.

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Diet Coke is the most annoying thing you can order on a plane.

Diet coke on ice

Huh? It's true. "Whatever you decide to drink," says Travel + Leisure, "don't order a Diet Coke." They say that "if you order a Diet Coke on a plane, you're slowing everything down." (Also, there's a side effect to drinking diet soda.)

This, according to a flight attendant.


A flight attendant reportedly said that Diet Coke takes the longest of any other drinks to pour onboard an airplane.

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There's a scientific reason.


That's because on a plane, it's said the high altitude heightens the foaming action of carbonated drinks. According to what the flight attendant shared, Travel + Leisure states that when it comes to drinks that hold up the process, Diet Coke is the worst because you have to wait for the fizz to, well, fizzle before you can continue pouring… until finally, the cup is filled.

Watch the Travel + Leisure video here, and don't miss One Major Side Effect of Drinking From a Plastic Bottle, Says Science.

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