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These Are America’s 6 Favorite Cheap Beers

Don't call it "dad beer"! In the age of craft brews and fleeting trends, some things clearly don't change.

Side Effect of Taking Medication With Coffee

Coffee provides a range of health benefits, but doctors say there's a key caution if you take medicine.

5 Controversial Rules Hooters Servers Have To Follow

According to one Hooters employee's candid revelation.

10 Controversial Secrets About Olive Garden's Food

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What Your Coffee Order Says About Your Personality

A new survey reveals that your go-to coffee order can say a whole lot about you!

Secret Side Effects of Eating Mango, Says Dietitian

An RD exposes little-known consequences you can experience from this beloved tropical fruit.

This Is the "Most Annoying" Coca-Cola Drink to Order on a Plane

Here's why ordering this one drink holds up beverage service for everyone else on board.

One Major Effect of Drinking Seltzer Water

A new study suggests sparkling water may improve your mood, which adds to the reasons to love this beloved bev.

5 Surprising Effects of Drinking Craft Beer

Research has found "significantly higher levels" of some nutrients, when compared to traditional brands.

Never Take Your Medication With This Drink

Even for non-prescriptions, following the instructions precisely is essential to feeling better.

Kate Hudson Reveals Her Food and Fitness Routine

In an exclusive for her scrumptious new food collab, the bubbly beauty shares her total wellness routine.

The #1 Worst Drink for Your Liver

This perhaps unexpected beverage is seemingly contributing to a disease that affects 25% of Americans.

Adele's 100-Pound Weight Loss May Be Thanks to This Diet

Two nutrition pros reportedly developed this eating plan with what sounds like a cool scientific effect.

These Fish Products Recalled in 4 States, FDA Says

Possible bacterial contamination was discovered through a "routine sampling."

Costco Just Announced a Recall for This Drink

The manufacturer is apologizing for the "potential presence" of metal or glass inside this iconic product.

The #1 Worst Intermittent Fasting Mistake

Healthy wisdom that could change how you think about your fasting windows!

10 New Shortages Shoppers Nationwide Are Sharing

Consumers are sharing reports of empty shelves in these departments, according to social media.

Coffee and Eggs May Increase Risk of This Cancer

An international team reviewed the everyday foods linked with this third most-common cancer.

Billy Joel's New Look After 50-Pound Weight Loss

The five-time Grammy winner has returned to the stage after an impressive health transformation.

WW Launches Innovative New Program

The clinical trial saw "significant weight loss" (plus, avocado is now zero points!).

Frozen Fish, and 5 Other Recalls to Know

These products were sold at Winn-Dixie, Wegmans, Trader Joe's, and more.

4 New Grocery Shortages Ahead of Winter

It looks like some consumers are stocking up on these staples, without clear sign of supply to replenish.

This Surprising Juice Blend May Reduce Arthritis Pain

Two health pros suggest how to prepare this mix that "hundreds" of people have reportedly found relief in.

These 3 Foods May Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

Plus, it identified one perhaps unexpected indulgence that increased diabetes risk by half.

How Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight, Says Science

Research suggests yoga can make a difference on your weight-loss journey. Two experts weigh in.

Shake Shack Just Announced a Bounce-Back Plan

A source says the brand, beloved by New Yorkers, is planning their "largest expansion to date."

Mountain Dew Forced to Pause This Popular Drink

Weirdly, Starbucks also plays an unexpected part in this iconic, high-octane soda's legal trouble.

Want More Energy? Drink Plenty of This

It's common to feel tired and sluggish this time of year, but one particular drink is the perfect pick-me-up.

Drinking Coffee This Often Can Make You Happier

Scientists explain why your coffee ritual could be a great way to combat winter blues.

4 Popular Bagged Salads Recalled in 10 States

Brands you know are pulling their salads from shelves over "possible health risk."