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This Fast-Food Chain Is Debuting Its First Snack on Grocery Store Shelves

And it's just in time for fall.

As summer wanes, fall flavors have begun to blow into stores. While there are some familiar releases popping back up, one fast-food chain is trying out grocery foods for the first time ever—although it's getting some help from a well-known favorite in the snack aisle.

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Goldfish has paired up with Dunkin', who has long been known for its festive seasonal releases, to premier the first-ever limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Grahams just in time for fall. The sweet crackers feature cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg flavors–making a sweeter version of the savory smiling fish snack that fans love.

dunkin and goldfish cracker collaboration

"Pumpkin Spice Grahams embody everything we love about this special time, from the warm pumpkin spices you find in our delicious latte or notes of our classic donut glaze in our baked goods. We're confident this will be a real treat for all the pumpkin spice aficionados out there," said Brian Gilbert, vice president of retail business development at Dunkin' in a statement. 

The snack will be sold in a 6.6 oz bag for $3.39 and will hit grocery store shelves on September 1. For fans that don't want to wait to try it, however, purchases can be made through the company's TikTok @GoldfishSmiles, starting on August 18.

In addition to Goldfish's Pumpkin Spice Grahams, Goldfish has two other collaborations with brands including Frank's RedHot Crackers and OLD BAY Seasoned crackers. Both are limited-edition snacks as well. 

And while this will be Dunkin's first foray into grocery products, it's not the first time teaming up with another brand. Since the fast-food brand dropped the "donuts" from its name and revitalized its image it has become one of the biggest fast-food collaborators in the industry. The iconic donut brand has paired with Homesick to create candle scents for its coffee blends, Beyond Sausage to make breakfast sandwiches, Planet Oat Milk products to make drinks, and a ton of celeb collabs on TikTok as it expands its brand as one of the biggest brands on the platform.

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