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5 Eating Habits That Helped Lindsay Lohan Turn Her Health Around

A look at LiLo’s health comeback.

The 2000s were not kind to young women. Fixed squarely in the public eye during a period of paparazzi domination, successful Hollywood starlets had it especially rough. Lindsay Lohan, as one of the all-time greats of the era, was no exception.

The actress catapulted to fame at an early age when she earned both wide audiences and positive critical reviews in "The Parent Trap." She then went on to make a slew of other popular movies with Disney—perhaps most notably, "Freaky Friday," where her acting range was given another chance to truly shine. She solidified her talent when she pivoted from Disney to "Mean Girls" with Tina Fey. But career success and wealth did not translate to health.

Lohan was open about her eating disorder and addiction struggles throughout the aughts. After a slew of run-ins with the law, she eventually stepped out of the spotlight for a bit, taking a break from Hollywood and acting. Only recently has she returned, and in a seemingly self-aware way: in this year's Super Bowl commercial, she plays off of her wild past and appears to have evolved into a healthy mindset (thanks, in large part, of course, to Planet Fitness).

But the "judgment-free" gym zone isn't Lohan's only trick to a nutritional comeback. Over the last few years, the celebrity has dropped nuggets here and there about her eating habits—which seem much healthier than her once-touted "Teatox" and calorie deficiency diets. She's come a long way from eating disorders and addiction.

She eats vegetables often.

vegetable salad

Lohan is not vegan, but according to those who monitor her social media fairly regularly, she does eat (and post) a lot of vegetables. She appears to be a salad fan, and if the menu at her Mykonos Beach House is reflective of all of her personal tastes, it seems freshness is a value of hers.

She cooks.

Vegetarian meal prep with italian peppers zucchini mushroom

With a lifestyle that is as expansive as Lohan's, home-cooking can be hard to come by. But the talent has mentioned in several interviews that she cooks and that the pandemic only gave her more time to be able to do so. According to Lohan, she grew up around well-made Italian cooking, so it's in her blood.

She incorporates lean protein.


Lohan's diet includes eggs, chicken, and salmon, but she also eats ham. This aligns with the "Blue Zone" way of living, which allows for a small serving of meat (largely pork) about five times a month.

She practices sobriety.

refusing wine

While we can't be completely sure of exactly where Lohan is at on her sobriety journey currently (understandable, as that can be a private aspect of life for people), she has been vocal before about the benefits sobriety has had on her health. Even just one month of going alcohol-free can benefit your health.

She does treat herself.

bowl of chocolate ice cream

Lohan has been open about enjoying comfort foods like ice cream and chicken pot pie, and celebratory cakes make a pretty regular appearance on her Instagram. This non-restrictive eating can make for sustainable health, and it appears that Lohan understands that.

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