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This Fast Food Chain Just Opened Another Location Inside Walmart

It's a healthy choice you'd not expect.

As McDonald's initiated the breakup with Walmart by moving its restaurants out about 10 years ago, the retail giant has been looking to explore other options. Now grocery shoppers can find many different choices besides the burger chain when looking for a bite between shopping. 

When all the additional spaces opened up, Walmart has seen Nathan's Famous, Saladworks, Frutta Bowls, Domino's, and Taco Bell make appearances in its stores. And now America's largest retail chain is expanding a partnership with a Mediterranean fast-casual chain—which just opened its fifth location in Walmart.  

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So far, all of Shawarma Press' Walmart locations are in Texas, with the newest location in Georgetown. The first one opened in a Plano Walmart last November. Since then others have popped up inside stores in the city as well as Arlington and San Antonio. 

This isn't the only move Shawarma Press is making. The health-centric chain is rapidly expanding and has plans for 100 more locations in Walmart stores as well as more stand-alone locations throughout the country, according to a press release shared with Eat This, Not That!.

Shawarma Press Arlington
Facebook/Shawarma Press

"We are humbled and elated that our concept of offering authentic Mediterranean food as a healthier alternative in the quick-service industry is resonating with so many new and loyal customers," said Sawsan Abublan, the company's founder and CEO in the release.

Shawarma Press is known for its fusion items like its Tandoori Press and Tex-Mex Shawarmas well as appetizers such as falafel bites, cheese, spinach pastries, and a popular signature hummus. Additionally, the chain features soups, salads, bowls, and desserts such as premium baklava.

"Shawarma" typically is thinly sliced grilled meat that is wrapped in a flatbread. The "Press" part of the restaurant's name represents how the wrap is placed on a griddle to make it crispy, according to Abublan.

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