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This Beloved Sandwich Chain Just Opened Its First Drive-Thru-Only Location

It's a new era for "freaky fast" subs.

Jimmy John's, known for its speedy delivery service, has just opened a first-of-its-kind restaurant format in Florida. Created in collaboration with experience agency ChangeUp, the new location doesn't include a dining room but features dual drive-thru lanes as well as other digital elements.

"Jimmy John's has always been at the forefront of the industry, particularly when it comes to listening to our customers," said Andrew Bello, vice president of design and architecture at Inspire Brands, the chain's parent company. "This new drive-thru-only model represents our continued commitment to evolve with our customers and serve the best, freshest sandwiches with speed and efficiency."

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Building upon Jimmy John's new brand identity, which launched last year, the new location has two drive-thru lanes, one dedicated solely to the pickup of online and mobile orders, and the other serving as a regular drive-thru, taking orders on the spot.

jimmy john's drive-thru line
Courtesy of Jimmy John's

Customers will find other convenient features at the new restaurant. Mobile and online orders can also be picked up at walk-up lockers, which allows for a completely contactless experience.

jimmy john's drive-thru at night
Courtesy of Jimmy John's

Additionally, the building features a signature color palette and new signage that represent the chain's updated visual identity.

"From the start of the process, we knew we wanted to treat this space as an architectural billboard and create a physical manifestation of the Jimmy John's brand," says Ryan Brazelton, chief creative officer at ChangeUp. "By bringing the brand to life in this way, we could ensure that every touchpoint, digital and physical, creates a cohesive experience that is unique to Jimmy John's."

The new Jimmy John's experience is located in Bartow, Fla. and has been open to the public since last week.

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