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This Newly Launched Fast-Food Pizza Comes With 100 Pepperoni Slices

And it's only $9.99!

If pepperoni is your topping of choice and you feel like you can never get enough of it, there's a new fast-food release that's tailored exactly to your taste.

Little Caesars, the third-largest pizza chain in the world, is offering a new specialty pie for a limited time, and it will come topped with a whopping amount of pepperoni—more than 100 slices, to be exact.

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But the Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni pie won't feature just any type of pepperoni, but the "old world" pepperoni slices which have a rich, smoky flavor and develop those delicious crispy edges when they cook. All in all, both pepperoni and cheese will cover this pizza from edge to edge, so you can count on a rich slice with caramelized crust.

Starting today, the new pizza will be available to order online for $9.99, while on August 8, it will become available for pick up in the Hot-N-Ready section of your local Little Caesars between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

"Little Caesars is already known for breakthrough products such as our Pretzel Crust Pizza and Crazy Calzony. Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni elevates our already high-quality pizza offerings and gives customers the option to make pizza night a little fancier," said Greg Hamilton, senior vice president of marketing at the pizza chain.

Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni pizzas are available for delivery through the Little Caesars app. Also, you can pre-pay and pick up your pizza at a Pizza Portal Pickup, which is a mobile station that keeps your order warm in all participating Little Caesars locations.

The Detroit-based chain is doing well for itself, having just signed on as the official pizza sponsor of the National Football League in its biggest marketing deal yet.

This isn't the first time that Little Caesars tried to woo customers with extra pepperoni. The chain announced earlier this year that it would be raising the price of its Hot-N-Ready pizzas from $5 to $5.55, but said the pies would be topped with 33% more pepperoni to offset some of the customer disappointment.

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