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Patrick Schwarzenegger Says He's in the "Best Shape" After Losing This Much Body Fat

The star completed a fitness challenge and is sharing his results in a series of new photos.

Patrick Schwarzenegger has taken on a major fitness journey in 2021, and his dedication to healthy eating and exercise has more than paid off. In a series of new Instagram photos, the model and actor revealed his impressive transformation, telling fans how he got ripped and shed five percent of his body fat.

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He made a commitment to daily workouts.


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To gain 22 pounds (with an ultimate 25-pound goal) and slash his body fat from eight percent to five percent, Schwarzenegger committed to tackling a daily 5 a.m. workout, texting 413 of his Instagram followers every morning to stay accountable.

"I love creating goals/challenges because It gives your brain a literal GPS to a destination [you're] seeking. The biggest mistake we make is thinking It will come overnight. Everything takes time. That's why I made the challenge 50 days so people wouldn't end after the first week," he explained.

So, what does Schwarzenegger typically tackle in the gym? In a March 2021 interview with Men's Health, the star revealed that he usually does a weight-bearing routine in the mornings, admitting that deadlifts are his favorite exercise, while bench presses are his least favorite.

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He eats every few hours.

patrick schwarzenegger biking in gray shirt
Hollywood To You / Star Max / GC Images

To bulk up and simultaneously get ripped for his upcoming role as a Navy SEAL, Schwarzenegger made eating around the clock a priority.

"I do kind of a protein bar at 5 a.m., then I'll do a smoothie—a big smoothie—at like 7:30, 8 a.m., then there's breakfast at 10:30, which is eggs with vegetables and sausage or something like that," he revealed to Men's Health.

"For lunch, I kind of do pre-packaged meals because it's easy and on the go. After lunch, we'll do another smoothie—I like to do a cashew or like a peanut butter and jelly smoothie at like 4. Then, at like 5:30, I'll have a snack, maybe some beef jerky. Then dinner at 7, which is meat, vegetables, and some sort of carb."

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He adds low-calorie flavors to everything.

patrick schwarzenegger walking in white shirt and blue shorts
MEGA / GC Images

To make his meals a bit more interesting, Schwarzenegger says he'll add hot sauce to anything and everything.

"I am a massive hot sauce fan. This one has truffle oils and hot sauce, two of my favorite things," he told Men's Health of his go-to bottle of Truff hot sauce. "I'm a hot sauce addict."

He eats ice cream every day.

patrick schwarzenegger in tan leather jacket on red carpet
Paul Bruinooge / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

While most of Schwarzenegger's meals are healthy, he makes room for his favorite treat on a regular basis. "I've got an ice cream obsession," he explained.

"Right before bed, we come in [the kitchen] to get some ice cream. A lot of ice cream. There's probably 50, 60 pints of ice cream [in the freezer], which sounds crazy, but I always have a lot of guests over, I have roommates, we eat ice cream all the time, and I'm always trying new flavors," he told Men's Health.

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He doesn't believe in diets.

patrick schwarzenegger in red suit and yellow shirt on red carpet
David Crotty / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

The one thing you won't find Schwarzenegger committing to on his quest to get ripped? Any particular diet plan.

"I don't do keto, I don't do any diets. I don't believe in diets or kind of fads like that," Schwarzenegger revealed to Men's Health. "I'm just a strong believer in having an overall healthy meal plan. I really believe in having the ice cream sometimes [and] eating clean during the weeks."

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