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Popeyes Will Open Hundreds of Restaurants In This Country

It's a homecoming of sorts.

Popeyes' plans for world domination continue with another major international expansion—and it's a homecoming of sorts. The chain announced it will be taking its famous fried chicken to a country where fried chicken reigns supreme: South Korea.

RBI International, the parent company of Popeyes, will be partnering with franchisor Silla Group to bring hundreds of the chain's locations to Korea in the coming years. The first one, according to the press release, is slated to open later this year.

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"We are thrilled to launch Popeyes with the Silla Group subsidiary. We have strong confidence in the group and are pleased to announce exciting plans to bring our iconic Louisiana-style chicken to one of the largest chicken QSR markets in the world" said David Shear, president of RBI International.

The chicken chain will feel right at home in a market where almost a third of all chicken consumed is fried. According to MoonKyung Lee, senior managing director of Silla Group's F&B Division, it is also one of the largest and fastest-growing fast-food categories in the country. However, the chain will also face stiff competition from the 50,000 fried chicken restaurants already operating in South Korea.

The chain has been on an expansion spree, recently announcing several first-time franchising deals across the globe. In 2021 alone, it struck deals to enter the United Kingdom, Romania, France, and India, and to expand in Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Other international expansions over the past years include Spain, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.

Besides its global growth plans, the chain has had an eventful year domestically. It added several popular items to its menu, launched its first-ever celeb collaboration, and rolled out a long-awaited loyalty program that helps customers earn points toward free food.

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