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These 4 Drinks Are Exploding in Popularity, New Yelp Data Says

Are these the hottest drinks to try this summer?

Summer 2021 may just be the best summer of them all, right? How could it not be after a year of lockdown?

Now that bars, cafes, and restaurants are all open again—and many at full capacity—bartenders, chefs, and baristas are back in their element whipping up new cocktails, dishes, and concoctions. Well, our friends at Yelp just released a report that showcases the top food and drink trends for Summer 2021.

Below, we share their predictions for what the top four beverages of the summer will be based on the latest data. And after, be sure to check out The Best Energy Drinks for 2021, According to Dietitians.


Cold foam

homemade cold brew coffee

There's nothing quite as satisfying as an ice-cold, smooth nitro cold brew on a piping hot day. And that frothy stuff on top is quite literally the "icing on the cake." Cold foam as Eater writer Brenna Houck so cleverly describes as "floating barges of chilled, whipped milk topping" was first made popular by Starbucks in 2019, when all of its cold brew drinks suddenly began to have cold foam or sweet cream on top.

Now, according to Yelp, cold foam is being added to menus across the nation, with reviews for cold foam up by as much as 69%.


Lavender lattes

lavender latte

Have you ever had a latte that made you feel extra mellow? OK, apart from a CBD latte? A lavender latte does just that and Yelp data show that the latte and other lavender-themed beverages will be surging in popularity across the nation. Evidently, review mentions for lavender lattes are up by 28%.

Speaking of things that make you chill, don't miss the 5 Best New CBD Products to Add to Your Diet!



lychee martinis

Jane Fonda's drink of choice, the martini, is making a comeback in popularity. Yet, two variations of the classic cocktail are especially on the rise: lychee and espresso. According to Yelp, review mentions for lychee and espresso martinis are up by 65% and 63%, respectively.

Fun fact: In an exclusive interview with Rachel Bilson, the actress told Eat This, Not That! that she was interested in trying lychee after she and her daughter watched the Disney movie, Raya. "I think it might be the summer of lychee," she said.


Strawberry matcha

strawberry matcha latte

On its own, matcha can be a bit bitter—especially if it's enjoyed unsweetened. However, adding a little something sweet such as strawberry puree could be just what you need to liven up the beverage. Data from Yelp indicates that reviewers are enjoying strawberry matcha in lattes, milkshakes, cakes, and, of course, iced lattes, with review mentions up by 39%.

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