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America's Largest Steakhouse Chain Is Launching This Game-Changing Feature

It joins several restaurants that currently use the technology.

When it comes to paying the bill at your favorite restaurant, sometimes it can take a while for the process. Many restaurants have faced staffing shortages, which means longer wait times to get in and out of eateries. Prices have also increased.

But America's largest steakhouse chain is launching a new feature that will totally change that.

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In 20 restaurants, Texas Roadhouse has unveiled its Roadhouse Pay system, which allows diners to pay their bill by using a tablet at their table. 

The vast majority of customers who've used the system say that they liked it, according to Chief Information Officer Hernan Mujica. The faster payment process trims up to five minutes off of table turns, and it's also giving guests more control over their dining experience.


Roadhouse Pay saves time for workers because they don't have to run back and forth with the check. They can use that extra time to provide more hands-on service to their tables, Mujica said.

And servers also make more money. The tablets automatically prompt customers to tip 20%, and tips are about 3% higher when guests pay that way.

"We're open to anything that we feel like enhances the service, the guest experience, and makes our staff's lives easier and faster, and hopefully helps them get paid more," Mujica said.

By the end of the summer, Texas Roadhouse will be unveiling the feature at 400 additional restaurant locations. In addition to payment, customers can use the tablets to take surveys, buy gift cards, play games, and sign up for Texas Roadhouse's VIP Club.

The tablets can also allow guests to order on their own, eliminating the need for a traditional server. Roadhouse is not using that capability, but Mujica said it might eventually try offering guests the option to order appetizers that way.

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