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The #1 Type of Person You'll Find Eating at McDonald's, Data Says

The average customer may surprise you.

McDonald's is the face of America's fast-food industry. The quick-service giant is one of the most widely spread burger chains with more than 14,000 domestic locations and is leading the post-pandemic recovery. Its latest earnings have outpaced those reported in the same quarter in 2019, and its mobile app and rewards program, launched in July, are currently at the top of the industry with more than 12 million loyalty members.

And while the popularity of the chain's recent celebrity collaborations would have us think that its most frequent customer is a young person who lives and breathes pop culture, new data shows that McDonald's success largely lies on a different type of demographic. For more, check out Burgers at This Popular Chain Will Get More Expensive Soon, Executives Say.

This is the chain's average customer

woman ordering mcdonalds

According to data reported by Business Insider, the average customer frequenting the chain is a white female, between the ages of 41 and 56 whose average household income is over $80,000. She's married and likely lives in the suburbs in the southeastern part of the country.

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Her order usually includes three items

mcdonalds cashier
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The average customer purchases three McDonald's items per visit and spends about $8.35. Over the course of the year, she visits the chain about 44 times (close to once a week).

Most ordered foods

mcdonalds hash brown
Dwayne O./ Yelp

The average customer is most likely to purchase the menu classics: sausage breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, crispy chicken sandwiches, and french fries. No burgers, though.

Breakfast is a popular reason for visiting the chain

mcdonalds breakfast

About half of the items ordered by an average customer of the chain come from the breakfast menu. No wonder McDonald's received so much backlash for discontinuing all-day breakfast during the pandemic.

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