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Trader Joe's Abruptly Closes This Extremely Popular Store

Goodbye, cheap wine!

There are many things that shoppers love about Trader Joe's. From its low prices to unbeatable store brand items and cheese selectioneven cheap flowers! One perk, however, has gained almost a cult following–the chain's wine.

Which is why residents who frequented the Trader Joe's Wine Store in New York City's Union Square were surprised to see it had abruptly closed on Thursday. According to a note posted on the window, the specialty store was permanently shuttered due to issues with the city.

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"We have been operating our small Wine Shop in the Union Square neighborhood for over 15 years, and we thank you for your business and support throughout the years," a note posted on Reddit read. "It is now time for us to explore another location that will allow us to optimize the potential of our one and only license to sell wine in the state of New York."

Trader Joe's wine

The wine shop was located next to the Trader Joe's grocery store, which remains open. However, the specialty wine store was the only Trader Joe's of its kind in the state.

For many New Yorkers, the shop was the place to go for an affordable bottle of vino. Unfortunately for Trader Joe's, the city's law is fairly strict when it comes to alcohol sales, particularly for major chains, as it is known to favor small businesses. Currently, state law forbids grocery stores from dealing in wine or liquor and chain liquor stores are illegal in the city.

One employee of the wine store offered up information on Reddit about the closure, citing that the wine shop's undoing may have come as a result of its strained relationship with its landlord New York University.

Along with what the employee states, there is other evidence a new Trader Joe's wine store will reopen. On the note posted, the company said it would pay its workers through the end of the month and give them a chance to transfer to the new store—a promising lead that hopefully a new location will take shape soon.

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