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Walmart Is Remodeling 1,000 Stores To Look Like This

The stores will be completely redone to help you shop faster.

Your local Walmart may be part of a 1,000-store redesign.

Most recently, the Walmart store in Albuquerque, New Mexico got a facelift—and more stores across the country will be following suit.

The store began phase one of renovations in July and just recently unveiled the new design to the public. It's complete with new signage with a bolder typeface, a mobile app to guide customers through the store, and new self-checkout kiosks. The format of the store was also changed.

Courtesy of Walmart

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Eloy Baca, the store's manager, couldn't be happier with the redesign. It's one of the first stores in the country to be remodeled.

"I was excited when (it was) announced that we were going to be a remodel store," Baca told The Albuquerque Journal. "It took a lot of work, but I think in the long run, it's paying off. I really like the new layout, the new design, the whole setup that just took place."

The goal, Baca said, is to make the store easier to navigate so that customers can find items off their list with little searching.

"We were trying to gather a bigger range of customers to ensure they had options for total-store (needs), not just groceries," Baca said. "It was a little harder for them to find merchandise, based off of the old layout. This layout's a lot easier for them to shop."

The signage is the most helpful part of the remodel. According to Walmart, airport sign systems inspired the chain's new signs since the large lettering helps people find where they need to go quickly. You can go here to view images of the store.

"They're able to come and find it faster," Baca said. "That way, they can save money and also save time."

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