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The #1 Wine for Weight Loss

Having trouble finding an affordable pinot noir?
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Blame Hollywood! According to economists, the 2004 movie Sideways completely reversed the wine's falling price, with the most dramatic increase in $20 to $40 wines. Also contributing to the hype: Multiple studies have demonstrated that pinot noir consistently contain the highest levels of resveratrol among wines— and resveratrol has been shown to blast fat. One study found that pinot had more than five times the amount found in California cabernet sauvignon.

While it has the lightest body and tannins of the classic red grapes, pinot can possess a haunting variety of flavors: berries, cola, tea, mushroom, even hints of barnyard. As the lead character Miles eloquently observed, there is something magical about pinot noir. Here's a few ways to enjoy it for maximum fat-blasting. And click here to discover 14 Ways to Lose Your Belly in 14 Days!

Pinot Noir: 3 Ways

Red Burgundy

These wines rarely say pinot noir on the label, preferring to list their fancy French region or vineyard. Generally lightbodied and supple, the best display the complexity and finesse that give pinot its sexy reputation.
DRINK THIS! Bouchard Père & Fils Bourgogne Rouge Reserve 2007, Burgundy, France; $24


Pinot is Oregon's top grape, but small wineries means it doesn't come cheap. These wines are frequently $40 or more, but at their best can compete with the pricier Burgundies.
DRINK THIS! Ponzi Tavola Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2007, Oregon; $25

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Ready to jump at any trend, California has cranked up pinot production. The best come from cooler areas like the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast.
DRINK THIS! BearBoat Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2007; $20.

Pinot Pairings

If pinot noir were in grade school, the teacher would give it a gold star for "gets along well with others." This light-bodied red is a peacemaker at any dinner table, able to handle meat, poultry, and flavorful fish with ease.

Chips with black bean dip


Roast duck

Grilled salmon steaks

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