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Oreo Is Bringing Back One of Its Most Popular Cookie Flavors for the First Time in Almost a Decade

A beloved summer flavor is hitting the shelves next week.

Throughout its 111-year lifespan, Oreo has launched countless cookies, revived fan-favorite flavors, and released multiple iterations of its original sandwich cookie confection. Oreo Cakesters, anyone?

Now, America's best-selling cookie brand is growing its product offerings once again. After sharing an animation on social media, which featured a pastel sky background, carnival music titled "Cotton Candy Kisses," and consumers' tweets asking Oreo to bring back a specific flavor (with the sought-after flavor being blurred out), the cookie giant just revealed its latest cookie addition.

After many requests from fans, Oreo will be bringing back its Cotton Candy flavor for the first time in eight years. "No longer day dreaming of cotton candy skies & Limited Edition Cotton Candy OREO Cookies ☁️🎠," the brand wrote on social media, adding, "Back on shelves June 5th 😋."

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These limited-edition cookies are made with golden Oreo wafers—which the brand calls "basecakes"—sandwiching a Double Stuf layer of pink and blue cotton candy-flavored creme. The whimsical flavor, which the brand first introduced in April of 2015, will be available nationwide while supplies last.

Shortly after announcing the news on social media, Oreo fans flocked to the posts' comment sections to share their thoughts on the flavor's return, with many expressing excitement. "NO WAYYYYYYY AM I DREAMING?! IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THESE TO COME BACK," one Instagrammer wrote. "YESSS!!! Thank you OREO this is literally my favorite," a Facebook user commented.

Meanwhile, other users mentioned the flavors they would like to see returning to shelves, such as Red Velvet, Blueberry Pie, and Cookie Butter.

Cotton Candy isn't the only flavor Oreo recently brought back. On May 8, the cookie brand re-launched its limited-edition s'mores-flavored sandwich cookies. The variety first debuted as "S'Mores Oreo" in 2015 and has since taken on a new and improved name: S'moreo. This summer treat-inspired flavor features graham-flavored cookies filled with layers of chocolate and marshmallow-flavored creme.

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