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15 Menu Typos That'll Have You Second-Guessing Your Order

A roundup of chuckle-worthy consequences of when Google Translate goes wrong.

Trying a new cultural cuisine is exciting in enough, but in these instances, the menus are even more piquing. Whether the restaurant's manager forgot to run spell check or relied on Google's wonky translations, these 15 menu fails will make it super hard to keep your supper down.

Just make sure you're not forking into a "loose nut" or an "iron lamb" before you take a gander at some of these blunders. And if you want healthy recipes, supermarket shopping guides, and essential nutrition tips at your fingertips, subscribe to the new Eat This, Not That! magazine now! For a limited time, you can save 50 percent off the cover price—click here!

Mumbo Sauce

Mumbo sauce—a sweet and sticky meat marinade—exists, but we're not too sure about Mumber sauce.

The Leech Fritter

Nothing sucks the appetite right out of you like leech fritters.

The Italian Painter

Is it considered cannibalism if you're ordering the garlic, olive oil, and oregano Bronzino?

The Pseudo Vegetarian

How many vegetarians do you think ordered the so-called vegetarian pizza without bacon?

The Questionable Protein

We're not exactly sure what's worse, the "Pure Belly Clearance" or "The Fish Mother." But we're definitely curious as can be about the "Pure Speculation Meat."

The Stimulator

Is there any chance that this suspicious menu item also doubles as one of our 50 Best Foods for Your Penis? Asking for a friend.

The Pasta Imposter

This restaurant's antipathy for antipasti is real.

The Hangover Cure

Seems like this brunch spot's staff is still pretty boozed up from last night.

The Loose Nut

Let's just disregard the incorrect usage of the verb "sell" and focus on what this shop is actually selling.

The Lack of Space

I have mushroom for a… from r/engrish

If you fill up on the egg "mayonaise," you won't have much room for the "muchroom" soup.

The Uncomfortable Procedure

This restaurant in Beijing has the best menu (sorry for blurry pics, my hands shake) from r/engrish

This fried enema dish should get things moving along…

The Angry Typist

The takeout menu from a local Chinese restaurant. from r/engrish

We can just imagine the typist angrily slamming his fingers onto the keyboard.

The Dark Translator

Hilarity found on a menu in Hanoi from r/engrish

Just two entrees in, and you'll find yourself wondering what went down during this menu tasting.

The Online Encyclopedia

We're going to need Wikipedia's help to demystify this one.

The Catch of the Day

I wish I took a picture of the entire menu well I was in Paris from r/engrish

The catch of the day must be more tentative than we thought.

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