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5 Ways Rick Springfield Stays Fit at 73

Rocker Rick Springfield looks incredible! Here's five ways the singer stays healthy and fit. 
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At 73, Rick Springfield has no plans of giving up his fast-paced rock n' roll lifestyle. Not only is the "Jessie's Girl" singer releasing a new 20-track record titled Automatic this week, but he's actually about to embark on his I Want My 80s Tour with special guests The Hooters, Paul Young, Tommy Tutone, and more. Springfield has been physically preparing for his "very active and aerobic" shows and spilled his health secrets to PEOPLE in a recent interview. Read on to learn five ways the Grammy winner stays fit and what nutrition experts think.

He's Pescatarian

grilled salmon steak

Springfield followed a vegan diet in the past but switched over to pescatarian because he wasn't getting enough protein. "I tried being a vegan, and it made me feel great, but I looked like hell," he explained to PEOPLE. "A friend of mine came up to me and said, 'Are you OK?' I got so thin. So I had to put fish back in [for protein]."

What the Expert Says: "The pescatarian diet can be quite healthy due to it being high in lean protein and healthy fats," Jesse Feder, a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer with My Crohns and Colitis Team, says. "These fats are great for maintaining consistent energy levels. As far as protein goes, fish are one of the best options out there. Fish is typically very lean which means they are low in calories, all while providing you with a significant source of protein. This is great for staying healthy and even losing weight. Additionally, some fish such as salmon or sardines, are loaded with healthy fats that are great for your cardiovascular system."

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His Wife Makes Home-Cooked Meals

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The artist is the first to admit he's not so great in the kitchen, but fortunately, his wife of 40 years is an "amazing chef." He said, "She's absolutely incredible. And I'm certainly not a cook. When I was a bachelor, I'd make a big pot of brown rice, chop up an onion and put that in the rice with a can of tuna. I'd have that, a baked potato and salad, and live off that for a month. Barbara comes up with these incredible things. She loves cooking."

What the Expert Says: According to Feder, "The main benefit of home-cooked meals is the absence of preservatives, and being able to control how much salt/fat is used in the dish. This is great since you know exactly what you are putting into your body. You are able to control portion sizes and the amount of calories you eat as well by cooking at home."

He Meditates


Another way Springfield preps for his tour is by meditating, which he said has been helpful for his mental health. 

What the Expert Says: "Meditation promotes the activity of your parasympathetic system while calming down the sympathetic system," Feder explains. "The parasympathetic system is associated with lower levels of cortisol—the stress hormone—and adrenaline. Whereas the sympathetic system increases heart rate, blood pressure, and feelings of anxiety. This is why meditation is great for promoting feelings of calmness and relaxation."

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He Has a Trainer


The singer is serious about staying healthy and in shape, so he enlisted the help of a trainer. "I just got a trainer, and I've been working out with him," he shared. "Basically, I watch what I eat, and I try and stay active."

What the Expert Says: "Some of the best things about working with a trainer is the accountability and having the guidance of a professional," says Feder. "Staying accountable at the gym tends to be one of the toughest parts of working out. A trainer can help keep you on track and motivate you to continue going. Additionally, trainers can help make sure you are exercising with proper form so you do not injure yourself."

He Works Out Daily


Springfield doesn't skip workouts and stays active daily. "I work out every day," he said. 

What the Expert Says: "Working out or staying active every day is great for staying healthy and fit," Feder states. "When we are active we are burning calories. This can promote a caloric deficit which can help keep you from gaining weight and even aid in weight loss. Additionally, working out is great for supporting and strengthening the bones, muscles, and joints in our bodies. Working out is also wonderful for promoting improved mental health and feelings of wellness."

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