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The Best Aerobic Exercises To Shrink A Flabby Stomach, Trainer Says

These movements will help you get rid of the flab and tone up.
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If you strive to keep your body in great shape or aim to amp up the TLC you put into your physique, then it's time to show your midsection some love. It's important to ensure your core is fit for several reasons, including the fact that it can help you maintain proper posture, avoid back pain, and reduce the risk of suffering muscle injuries, according to Mayo Clinic. With this in mind, you'll be interested to find out what Rob Wagener, NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with Fizzness Shizzness suggests when it comes to the best aerobic exercises to shrink a flabby stomach.

Wagener tells Eat This, Not That!, "With these three exercises, you are in a great position to go to battle and fight the flabby stomach." So read on to learn more about these movements, and get ready to kiss the flab goodbye. And next up, be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

High-Intensity Interval Training

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"High-intensity interval training (also known as HIIT) is a fantastic way to use aerobic exercises to help trim the tummy," Wagener explains. He notes that some studies say HIIT can torch calories long after your sweat session is done—up to 14 hours, in fact. Beyond that, Wagener says that while HIIT sessions tend to last around 15 to 20 minutes each, they can be adjusted to meet your needs, goals, and ability.

In order to take advantage of this aerobic option yourself, Wagener says you'll need to grab something to time yourself, like a tracking app or activity tracker. Next, he explains to begin with a two-minute warmup that involves "medium stretching and movement." From there, you can select the cardio exercise of your choice, such as cycling, jumping rope, or running. "This will be your HIIT workout for this session," he says.

Finally, it's time for five rounds that each include 20 seconds of activity and 20 seconds of resting time. Wagener breaks it down, saying, "For the first 20 seconds, perform the chosen exercise at a high intensity. [Then,] when 20 seconds [are] over, go into low-intensity and give the heart rate a chance to come down." Do that four more times while adjusting the timers and number of rounds as needed.

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When it comes to going out for a run, Wagener admits, "Legs get all the glory." However, he points out that your lower abdominal muscles and LPHC do a good amount of the work, which makes this kind of cardio a solid choice for toning up. On top of that, he adds, "Since running doesn't require any equipment, it's an option for almost anyone to do."

Wagener says you can shoot for a mile, or do a basic run for 15 minutes. He suggests that beginners take things slow and walk for a bit, if necessary. This exercise can be done three times each week, working your way up to adjusting both the distance you're running and the amount of time.

"Don't forget that higher intensity means a higher heart rate and more calories burned," he says, adding, "So keep that in mind as a target as you progress in your running."

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Jumping Rope

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Jumping rope is another great way to burn fat and shrink a flabby stomach. As Wagener explains, "From the outside looking in, you may not realize how much work your core (torso to LPHC) is doing during jumping." He adds, "[Due to] the incredible muscle work of your mid-body, you can balance yourself while not just jumping over and over but creating enough momentum with your arms to swing the rope around at fast speeds." This is why he calls the core "a jump rope workout all-star."

As for getting the most out of your jump rope exercises, Wagener suggests starting off with small increments, like 30 seconds of jumping rope or 50 jumps. Work on your balance, and figure out the pace that works best for you. Once you feel comfortable, Wagener says, "Use the HIIT timing methodology above, and try to do five rounds (can be timed or just manually counted)."

Getting a jump rope workout in two times a week is an awesome place to begin. According to Wagener, this will give your joints and feet a good amount of recovery time. He adds, that ultimately, your aim is to "increase the number of hops or time spent jumping to ramp up the caloric burn and make progress towards your goals."

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