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25 Scariest Fast Food Dishes of All Time

From a donut with a buffalo sauce center to fried shrimp at McDonald's, these are the weirdest mashups.

Under constant pressure to one-up competitors, it's no surprise that fast food chains have invented some pretty scary flops throughout the years. Take Wendy's Frescata cold-cut sandwich—a failed attempt to compete with Subway that quickly disappeared from the menu because, really, who wants a deli sandwich from Wendy's? And that's not all. McDonald's once debuted a spaghetti dish in Australia while Burger King made fans cringe with its berry burger in Japan.

You've got to see these scariest fast foods to believe them—and below, you'll find what 25 food fails looked like when they graced the menu of your favorite restaurant. And if you want healthy recipes, supermarket shopping guides, and essential nutrition tips at your fingertips, subscribe to the new Eat This, Not That! magazine now! For a limited time, you can save 50 percent off the cover price—click here!

Pizza Hut Kit Kat Pops

Pizza Hut Kit Kat pop

Some great foods are just not meant to be together, and pizza dough and Kit-Kat are surely two of them. These poppable snacks from the Middle East look less than enticing. After all, they're essentially chocolate bars wrapped in chewy pizza dough.

Burger King Black Halloween Burger

Burger King black halloween burger

If we didn't know any better, we'd think that Burger King Japan found the secret recipe for the colorful burgers from Spongebob. These things were pretty cool on television, but the idea of eating a dye-infused bun in real life is anything but appetizing. Burger King Japan admitted to Business Insider that the black burger was just a marketing stunt to gain attention.

Pizza Hut Cheeseburger Stuffed Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut cheeseburger pizza
Pizza Hut Restaurants UK/Facebook

The U.K. combined two American favorites into one pizza that any food-loving American, well, would never combine. Not only is the pizza and cheeseburger duo grounds for a health disaster, it just doesn't really make sense. Save the burgers for the barbecue, and give us our crust back.

McDonald's Hula Burger

Mcdonalds hula burger
Burger World America/Facebook

This 1960's burger was an attempt by McDonald's founder Ray Kroc to give Catholics a vegetarian alternative on meatless Fridays. Can you really call a piece of grilled (and probably canned) pineapple on a bun with cheese an alternative to a juicy burger, though? Needless to say, this item didn't last long on the menu, but it is a flop that will never be forgotten by veteran Mickey D's customers.

Taco Bell Croissant Taco

Taco Bell croissant taco

When Taco Bell tried to revamp their breakfast menu in 2015, they channeled their inner Parisian with this croissant-taco cross. The item got some positive reviews from Bell fans, but we are still skeptical of the cultural crossover.

Pizza Hut Hot Dog Bites Pizza

Pizza Hut hot dog bites

Not only does this pizza look extremely hard to hold, but who wants a hotdog once they finish a slice of greasy pepperoni pizza? This meaty and cheesy pie just screams overkill.

KFC Chizza

KFC chizza
Courtesy of KFC

This odd combination from KFC Singapore caused quite a stir of disappointment as the real item looked nothing like the stylized pictures of the cuisine marketed by the company. Regardless of whether or not the real deal looks like the pictures, we will take our fried chicken without pizza toppings.

Burger King BK Pumpkin

Burger King Pumpkin
Burger King Japan/Facebook

Burger King Japan went totally basic on us when they spiced up their menu with this fall-themed pumpkin burger. BK added two grilled slices of kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) and topped the sandwich off with a special sauce made from sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts. Combined, the whole thing might be considered a little nutty.

McDonald's Sausage Double Beef Burger

Mcdonalds sausage beef burger
Jay McCluskey/Facebook

Hold on tight while we try to explain this one. McDonald's decided to top their American creation by adding German sausage to a double burger and sold it in China. Still with us? No matter where you're eating it, the whole thing sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen.

Pizza Hut Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

Pizza hut hot dog stuffed crust

Pizza Hut really took to this idea. Apparently, Australians also enjoy their pizza with a side of hot dog hidden in the crust.

McDonalds McAfrika

Mcdonalds mcafrika
McDonald's Rhodesia/facebook

When McDonald's introduced the McAfrika in 2002 in Norway, it received major backlash because of a major food famine in Africa at the time. The burger was in poor taste—literally and figuratively.

McDonald's Ham N' Egg Twisty Pasta

McDonalds ham and egg twisty pasta
Courtesy of McDonald's

Even more terrifying than their attempt to make spaghetti with red sauce (more on that later) is Mickey D's Hong Kong spin on a traditional carb-loaded dish. A slab of sausage and an egg float on top of this soupy macaroni dish that looks anything but appealing.

Sonic Fried Pickles

Sonic fried pickles

These greasy- and soggy-looking pickles look anything but appetizing. We will leave this delicacy to the experts at the street fair.

McDonald's McPizza

Mcdonalds pizza
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

McDonald's should've just stayed in their lane on this one. They introduced their version of pizza in the mid-1980s to compete with pizza joints, out-selling the major chain at dinner time. The food item lasted less than 10 years on their regular menu, but one select restaurant—Epic McD's in Orlando—still carries it.

Domino's Starburst Lava Cake

Dominos lava cake
Domino's Australia/Facebook

If lava cake wasn't sugary enough, Domino's added Starbursts, caramel fudge, and marshmallows to this menu addition in Australia. The sugar content, as well as the oddness of adding a fruity candy to a chocolate dish, probably scared customers away as this one is no longer offered on the menu.

KFC Double Down Sandwich

KFC double down sandwich
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Can you really call it a sandwich when two pieces of greasy fried chicken fill in for the bread? With bacon, cheese, and sauce in addition to poultry "buns," this creation is downright terrifying.

Pizza Hut's Surf & Turf Pizza with Dessert-Stuffed Crust

Pizza Hut surf and turf pizza with dessert crust
Eby Food Dude/Facebook

We don't really know how Pizza Hut came up with this Korean cuisine, but it seems like they picked whatever leftovers were in their fridge and rolled with it. The pizza is topped with the works of calamari, shrimp, broccoli, peppers, bacon, sausage, and steak. We haven't even gotten to the crust yet—the pull-away pieces are stuffed with cream cheese and fruit. We're exhausted just reading the ingredients.

Burger King Berry Burger

Burger King berry burger and mush n cheese
Okinawa Soba/Flickr

Burger King introduced this fruity, meaty treat in Japan in 2014—a traditional burger topped with mixed berry sauce and blueberries. Let's leave the berry-meat combo to Thanksgiving and just stick to normal burgers on the reg.

Tim Hortons Buffalo Crunch Donut

Tim Hortons buffalo donut

This donut premiered in the U.S. shortly after Tim Hortons and Burger King agreed on a merger. The odd treat was soaked in buffalo sauce and smothered in kettle chips and then filled with more buffalo sauce in the center. We think each respective franchise should stick to their specialty.

McDonald's McSpaghetti

Mcdonalds Mcspaghetti
Ariel L./Yelp

The McSpaghetti—which is exactly what it sounds like: spaghetti drenched in tomato sauce and topped with cheese—flopped in Italy before it made its way to the Philippines. And when you think of it, would you really consider McDonald's your first choice to crush Italian food cravings?

Wendy's Frescata

Wendy's frescata sandwich

Wendy's tried to work their way into the fresh sandwich service industry with these deli-style subs. However, people were less enticed because the prep-time took longer than making a burger. They call it fast food for a reason.

Burger King NY Pizza Burger

Burger King New york pizza burger
[email protected]/Flickr

Why do chains keep trying to combine pizza and burgers, and why is New York blamed for this disaster?!

Burger King Mush N' Cheese Burger

Burger King Mush n cheese

This gem was released at the same time as the berry burger at McDonald's Japan, and the pair was marketed as a holiday treat. The name on this one, which seems to have gotten horribly lost in translation, is what makes it scary, although the added ingredients—mushrooms and cheese—sound pretty tasty.

KFC Cheese Top Burger

KFC cheese top burger

Their chicken may be fried, but KFC got roasted for this ridiculous addition to their Philippines menu. The chain jumped to the burger's defense after much customer ridicule, stating that the baked cheese on top of the bun creates a different flavor experience. The only different experience customers reported, however, were sticky fingers.

McDonald's Fried Shrimp

Mcdonalds shrimp

You can pick up these fried shrimp, which come in a box similar to the chain's traditional fried nuggets, at McDonald's Switzerland. Aside from their Filet-O-Fish, last time we checked, McDonald's is not in the market for seafood. Wondering about some better-for-you meals at the drive-thru? Don't miss these 20 Surprisingly Healthy Fast Food Orders.