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7 Ways Sherri Shepherd Keeps Off Her 46-Pound Weight Loss

Sherri Shepherd looks incredible! Here's how she's keeping off the weight. 
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Sherri Shepherd's hard work is paying off. Not only does she have her own four-time Emmy-nominated talk show Sherri–a dream she's had for 20 years–but she's flaunting a slimmer figure thanks to her unwavering commitment to getting healthy. The 30 Rock actress lost 46 pounds in 2020 but put on 20 pounds during COVID like many people. But she told PEOPLE after "seeing so many people impacted, health-wise, during the pandemic," she knew she had to make a change. She challenged herself to lose the weight and is documenting her experience on social media.

"What is your health worth?" she asked fans in a recent Instagram video. "If you don't have your health, it is impossible to live your dreams, be there for your kids and just live a full life." She's since lost the pandemic pounds and is maintaining her new physique with a lot of hours in the gym. The 56-year-old is raw, honest, and forthcoming about the amount of effort it takes to keep the weight off, but also inspirational and encouraging. "A word to my Queens in their 50's… we don't have an option about working out.," she wrote in another post. "Working out & lifting weights is a must for building our bone density & coordination – which means if we fall, we will be able to get up and not worry about broken hips Come on ladies let's get into it.! You got nothing to lose and all your health to gain."

Read on to discover 7 things she does to keep off her 46-pound weight loss, with expert opinion about how it can work for you.

She Bakes Healthy Snacks

Sherri Shepherd/Instagram

The talk show host is serious about staying healthy for her son Jeffrey, who she mentions frequently, and is learning to make better food choices. "Trying my hand at cooking healthy food… so I made baked cabbage with parmesan cheese, olive oil & seasonings," she wrote along with the recipe. 

  • "1/4 Cup olive oil
  • 1/4 Cup parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 t Italian seasoning,
  • 1/2 t chili flakes for some heat
  • 1/2 t garlic powder
  • 1/2 t paprika"

What the Expert Says: "This looks like a delicious recipe for those who aren't big fans of eating fruits and vegetables," sports performance dietitian Destini Moody, RD, CSSD, LD, says. "When I'm meeting with clients and athletes, one reason often given for them not eating the recommended amount of vegetables is that they simply do not know how to prepare them in a way that makes them appealing to eat." She adds, "It may surprise you that cabbage is a good source of vitamin C, as a one-cup serving contains more Vitamin C than an apple. Like other leafy greens, it's also a good source of Vitamin K, a nutrient important for bone and blood health. Including heart-healthy olive oil in this recipe is also a plus."

While Moody is a fan of the healthy snack, she also says, "Given that the recipe lacks any significant amount of protein or carbohydrates, it cannot and should not be eaten as a meal. However, if you were looking for a gourmet-tasting side to your meal of meat and grains, this has my seal of approval."

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She Detoxes

juicing carrot apple juice

In a recent Instagram post, Shepherd shared that someone gifted her a juicer for her birthday and a friend "created a detox using beets, carrots, ginger, turmeric, lemons, celery, spinach & apples (I need the apples for some sweetness) and I am already running to the bathroom."

What the Expert Says: "While some of the parts of this juice are all excellent foods that are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, I'm not alone in the dietitian world in not being the biggest fan of 'detox' juices," Moody states. "If you're looking for something to 'clear you out' so to speak, then that could be a form of a detox, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is making you healthier. The fact is, there is no combination of superfoods, no matter how nutritious, that can rid the body of any toxins. The liver has that job and does it very efficiently without our help. What I will say is that if you blend a high-quality protein powder with the above foods, you would have a pretty decent morning smoothie at the very least."

She Jumps Rope

Shepherd showed off her jump roping skills in a video that got her "heart jumping."

What the Expert Says: "Jumping rope is an excellent form of cardiovascular activity that has the added benefit of strengthening your calves and thighs as well as improving foot and ankle strength and mobility," Rachel MacPherson, CSCS, CPT, Garage Gym Reviews Consultant, tells us. "Using jump rope for a cardio workout, HIIT training, or as part of a warm-up is a great way to have fun while reaping the benefits of physical activity. Working on specific skills, such as single foot hops, double unders, etc., keeps your training fresh and boosts cognition, balance, and coordination while being incredibly motivating. Jumping rope for 15 to 20 minutes and building up from there is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness and health."

She adds, "As part of a warm-up, jumping rope helps activate your central nervous system to prepare your body for work, making it ideal for a lifting day, especially if you require power and explosive strength during training. Five minutes is all you would need."

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She Does Assisted Pull-Ups with Bands

"Consistency builds Confidence," Shepherd stated in another post that shows her doing assisted pull-ups with a band. "And holding Confidence's hand is Courage. Just start. Don't be distracted by other's opinions of you. Put your blinders on, put one foot in front of the other. You are enough."

What the Expert Says: "Assisted pull-ups using a band for the feet is a way to complete pull-ups when body weight is too challenging," MacPherson explains. "Although the band provides assistance when it's least needed and not where it is best, it's still a good way of practicing the movement if you cannot perform pull-ups yet. While she is using too much assistance and the exercise looks too easy to be effective, you can tailor the band strength to suit your abilities." She adds, "Try performing bodyweight pull-ups until you can no longer do any, then switch to the band to get more reps in and build your back strength and muscle mass. I'd recommend performing no more than 10 to 15 reps using the band, working close to failure."

She Does Romanian Deadlifts

In addition to cardio, Shepherd lifts weights and does a lot of strength training with Romanian deadlifts, which you can see in this video.

What the Expert Says: MacPherson explains, "Although typically, you'd have your feet placed closer together, this exercise is excellent for strengthening and building muscle in your hamstrings. You'll also hit your glutes and adductors with the wider stance she's taking. This exercise is typically done with a heavier weight using a rep range of 10 to 15 but can be done with fewer or more reps, so long as you work close to failure. If you want to build strength, perform fewer reps; stick to 10 or more reps for muscle growth. Complete 2 to 4 sets or more if you need volume to build muscle mass, depending on your current training program, goals, and fitness level.

  • Hinge your hips back, stick your glutes back, and think about pointing them toward the upper wall behind you. Create a small arch in your lower back (extension) to protect it from the tendency to round during this movement.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent through the entire movement, bending a little more when you need to as you lower the bar.
  • Slowly lower the weights down your thighs, close to your body. When you feel a big stretch in your thighs (this will be slightly uncomfortable but not painful), raise back up by contracting your hamstrings and glutes.
  • Reset and repeat for 10 to 15 reps or 3 to 5 reps from failure."

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She Does Bent-Over Kettlebell Rows


In the video where she does Romanian Deadlifts, Shepherd also does bent-over KB rows, which is an effective exercise that builds strength and muscle in your back and core. 

What the Expert Says: MacPherson gives the following tips to perform this move properly:

  • "Brace your core and grasp the handles. 
  • Make sure your back doesn't flex/round and pull one of the KBs toward your body, leading with your elbow and ensuring you use your back muscles to raise it.
  • Don't shift your hips; keep them steady throughout.
  • Slowly lower it down and repeat on the other side. That's one rep.
  • Reset and repeat for 10 to 15 reps or 3 to 5 reps from failure."

She Does Box Step-Ups


Shepherd likes to mix up her workouts and does a variety of exercises, including box step-ups, which you can see in the video where she does Romanian deadlifts and kettlebell rows. 

What the Expert Says: According to MacPherson, "Box step-ups are a unilateral leg exercise that works your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Unilateral leg exercises help correct glute imbalance and weaknesses in the legs and glutes. Glute and leg strength help with walking, running, and sports performance. Step-ups strengthen the glutes, legs, and knee joints." She offers the following tips for properly performing the move:

  • "Stand facing a bench holding a dumbbell in each hand, and brace your core.
  • Step onto the bench with one foot and use that foot to raise your body to stand on the bench, bringing your other foot to touch the bench.
  • Ensure all the power comes from the lead foot, pressing through your foot and activating your glutes and quads to lift you.
  • Carefully lower the following foot back to the floor, then the stepping foot.
  • Repeat using your opposite foot as the lead.
  • Try 10 reps on each side for 3 sets."
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