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Sprite Just Dropped an Exciting New Summer Soda Flavor

The soda brand just announced Sprite Chill, its "coldest-est" drink yet.
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Summer isn't quite here yet, but Sprite is already looking to help soda fans cool off. Yesterday, the soda giant rolled out a new limited-edition soft drink ahead of the upcoming season: Sprite Chill.

The new soda builds on Sprite's signature lemon-lime flavor but adds cherry-lime. For an additional twist, the drink features cooling agents designed to present "a uniquely elevated sensory experience," according to the Coca-Cola Company, which owns Sprite.

This cooling sensation is intended to grow with each sip, using technology similar to that used in confectionery and baking. According to Coca-Cola, Sprite Chill is "one of the first sparkling soft drinks" that presents a cooling sensation without mint flavor.

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can of sprite chill
Courtesy of Sprite

This new soda is sold in standard and zero-sugar varieties. These will be available in North America through July while supplies last.

Sprite Chill underwent multiple rounds of development and testing before the Coca-Cola Company reached an ideal balance of cherry-lime flavor and cooling intensity.

"Consumers today are looking for multisensorial beverage experiences, so we saw a unique opportunity to elevate the crisp, refreshing taste Sprite fans expect with a first-of-its-kind cooling sensation," Felicity Boucetla, the senior director of product development for sparkling flavors, said in a statement.

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To promote Sprite Chill, Coca-Cola partnered with Atlanta Hawks' point guard Trae Young, famously nicknamed "Ice Trae." In a new video advertisement, Young and an intellectual property lawyer deliver a "Freeze and Desist" to fans, imitating the NBA star's signature shiver move.

The advertisement concludes with Sprite Chill being called the "coldest-est in the game." Young has been a brand ambassador for Sprite since 2021.

As part of this soda launch, the Coca-Cola Company is inviting fans to submit their "coldest selfies" to the Snapchat Chill Cam challenge by using Sprite's custom filter. The company will select entries to feature on Sprite's social media channels and digital billboards in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York City.

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Beyond Sprite Chill, the Coca-Cola Company has released other limited-edition Sprite offerings, such as Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry and Sprite Lymonade Legacy. The brand also offers a few other varieties, including Sprite Tropical Mix, Sprite Lemonade, and Sprite Cherry.

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