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20 Ways Sriracha is Taking Over the World

When it comes to condiments, Sriracha (pronounced sir-rotch-ah or sear-raw-cha) is hot, hot, hot—literally. And the fever isn't subsiding anytime soon.

The "rooster sauce" was born in Sri Racha, Thailand by combining chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. Its low-cal flavor has become one of the most widely utilized food enhancers and marketing ploys. From McDonald's to Chobani, and our kitchen to yours, the versatile hot stuff is reaching a Britney Spears' fame level. However, there are far worse things America could be addicted to. Thanks to capsaicin—the compound that gives peppers their steamy hot sensation—Sriracha is heating up our mouths and our calorie scorchin' ovens. Unfortunately not every item on this list is gonna shrink your waist, but if you've caught the fever, scroll below. And for more on using hot sauce and other tricks to rev your metabolism, check out these Best-Ever Ways to Speed Up Metabolism!


It seems like McDonald's is constantly trying to adapt to the latest eating trends—more or less in an attempt to halt dropping sales—and adding this fiery sauce to their Big Mac is no exception. But at the very least, you'll be giving your metabolism a kick when you take a big juicy bite into a body goal sin. To find out just how bad your guilty indulgences are, check out The Entire McDonald's Menu—Ranked.


While this might not be exactly what you had in mind when you envision tipping one back, Sriracha beer is very much a thing—and a good one. Despite its reputation as "liquid carbs," beer can actually have some health benefits. In fact, a Spanish study suggests that an ice cold beer can hydrate you just as well as water, making it perfectly ok to grab happy hour after an intense sweat session. Better yet, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a compound found in beer called xanthohumol could protect brain cells from damaging, thus slowing down the progression of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease.


Last Fall, Starbuck's started handing out Sriracha packets for their customers to throw into their breakfast orders. As it turns out, this is a pretty smart marketing ploy on their part and an even smarter choice for customers trying to whittle their waist, thanks to the sauce's ability to speed up metabolism.


Popcorn can be a great low-cal snack, packing in hunger-banishing fiber from the whole grains. But let's get real; it's more often than not ruined with calorie-laden salt and butter. Luckily, this popcorn is the slimming solution for getting your hot sauce fix without sacrificing your figure.


Aside from being the most important meal of the day, breakfast is also the first opportunity of the day to increase metabolism activity. In fact, according to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center, eating breakfast can increase improve your metabolism by up to 10 percent. And a study by Canadian researchers found that men who ate spicy appetizers consumed 200 fewer calories at later meals than those that did not. In other words, starting your day with spice just might help you consume fewer calories throughout the day.


Turns out beer isn't the only sriracha-infused booze. And vodka has health benefits of its own: It can improve blood circulation and heart health. More specially, it helps more collateral vessels to develop, connecting the heart to the lungs.


Unfortunately, this Sriracha dressing isn't going to help you ditch the gut. It's got 110 calories and 320 milligrams per serving, so if you're looking to show off that summer bod, you might want to think twice before drizzling it over your greens. For more dressings to avoid, check out these 16 Salad Dressings Worse Than Chocolate Syrup.


Hot wings aren't exactly breaking news, but using Sriracha as a marketing ploy is definitely what TGI Friday's had it mind when they started pairing their "Sriracha Buffalo Wings" with "Sriracha Ranch." Sriracha on sriracha, folks.


From fighting off the common cold to boosting brain power to helping people lose weight, Greek yogurt is a superfood VIP. And this spicy version can fire up your metabolism and decrease appetite. It doesn't get more weight loss friendly than that!


And if you're not into hot sauce flavored beer or vodka, you may want to try adding a drop (or two) to your bloody mary, sangria, jello shots or margarita. The recipes are endless enough to have us intrigued.


Once again, food manufacturers have managed to take a weight loss superfood and turn it into a flubbery mess. In fact, regular mayo ranks among the worst of the empty-calorie condiments. Not to mention it's made with eggs, but can happily sit, unrefrigerated, on a supermarket shelf for months without breaking down or separating. For more body sabotagers, check out these 50 Little Things Making You Fatter and Fatter. Skip this Sriracha trend.


If you're looking for the flaming hot explosion in your mouth you typically get after eating Sriracha, you won't be disappointed. These chips are made with chili, garlic, and vinegar and all-natural ingredients. Just make sure to cut yourself off after one serving; anything eaten in excess turns to fat.


You've heard it a billion times—"eat your veggies"—and with the plethora of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they deliver, it's no wonder the FDA recommends consuming 3-5 servings a day.

However, if you still struggle to hit your daily quota or have recently found yourself in a veggie rut, spice things up by drizzling rooster sauce over them. It's the surest way to shrink your waist, get rid of your stomach fat, and boost your health!


TGI Friday's and McDonald's aren't the only restaurants to catch the Sriracha bug. Diners are stocking up on the condiment and the chain Denny's recently added a Sriracha burger to their menu, advertized as a "hand-pressed 100% beef patty topped with Cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapeños, creamy Sriracha sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onions and pickles."


Sriracha aside—almonds are one of the best nuts for weight loss and one of the best sources of healthy fats. How come? Well, they're rich in monounsaturated fats, which studies indicate can decrease appetite by as 40 percent! What's more? According to a study printed in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, almonds are rich in the amino acid L-arginine, which can help you burn more fat and carbs during workouts.


Adding hot sauce to your guac is easily the best decision you'll make all day—especially if you're fighting the battle of the bulge. No other fruit is credited with spot-reducing belly fat, warding off hunger, boosting nutrient absorption, lowering cholesterol, and fighting free-radicals. But combined with ACV, this is superior to all other avocado recipes. It's a weight loss slay and a total foodgasm.


While we still have a few months to go, you might want to consider biting into some spicy candy canes. In 2003, researchers wanted to test the influence of 14 herbs and spices on the activities of digestive enzymes pancreases and small intestines of rats. They found that mint was one of the spices that enhanced these activities, more effectively turning food into energy. Combine that with caloric scorching Sriracha and you just make it New Years without packing on the pounds.


Move over, wasabi. Sriracha, the red spicy sister to the traditional green paste, is a new favorite among sushi lovers. It makes sense, given that sushi trends are also all over the interwebs these days. Sushi-rritos, sushi burgers, and more! We suggest you drizzle sparingly so you don't overwhelm your fresh, nutritious pieces of fish.


The Sriracha love affair continues—and this time, chocolate is involved. It's a whole lot of hunka-hunka burnin' love; and because it's so rich, you only need a little bit to get your fix. Since spicy flavors can make you feel more satisfied, you're also more likely to want to put away the chocolate bar before you've managed to eat it all.


With its high fiber, high protein, low carb content, hummus is a dieter's dream. Combine it with the hunger-squashing and weight-moderating rooster sauce for a near-perfect low carb snack. And if you love hummus with or without Sriracha, you'll definitely want to scope out our exclusive list of the 22 Best & Worst Popular Hummus Choices!