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These are the Only States Without a Cracker Barrel

If you're planning a road trip through here, you won't be able to stop at the Southern chain.

Cracker Barrel is one of the most iconic American restaurant chains out there. You can stop at Cracker Barrel on a road trip or head there for an easy weekend brunch in your hometown. You can even eat at Cracker Barrel on holidays like Thanksgiving. But believe it or not, five U.S. states don't have Cracker Barrel restaurants.

If your first guess is that two of those five are Alaska and Hawaii, which aren't part of the contiguous U.S., you aren't wrong. But can you name the other three? Here are the five states where there's not a Cracker Barrel in sight.

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alaska state on map

Despite fans' pleas, there's no Cracker Barrel in the state of Alaska. Even California's first Cracker Barrel opened a few years ago, but Alaska is still a holdout.

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hawaii welcome sign

Hawaii has plenty of regional delicacies, like shave ice, poke, and laulau. And it looks like the state doesn't need to add Cracker Barrel's Southern food to its culinary offerings.

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vermont welcome sign
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Cracker Barrel is known for its bottles of maple syrup. But you won't find the Southern restaurant in that syrup-loving northern state, Vermont.


washington state welcome sign
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While it's been reported that Cracker Barrel is planning to open in Spokane, there are currently no Cracker Barrel restaurants in Washington state.


Wyoming welcome sign

If you're planning a road trip that passes through Wyoming, don't expect to find a Cracker Barrel along the way.

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