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Foods You'll Never See at Subway Again

RIP, rotisserie chicken and roast beef.

Subway is good (or at least OK) at one thing: sub-style sandwiches where you can choose your own toppings. The sandwich chain is known for its footlong sandwiches and veggie topping bar. And while its classic offerings have remained on the menu for years, some beloved Subway items have been discontinued over time.

Here are some of the things you won't see on a Subway menu these days. We know—the loss of the rotisserie chicken still hurts.

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Roast Beef

subway roast beef
Courtesy of Subway

Earlier this summer, Subway discontinued its roast beef sandwich, much to the chagrin of red meat lovers.

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Rotisserie Chicken

subway rotisserie chopped salad with subway vinaigrette
Courtesy of Subway

Rotisserie chicken was a healthy-ish, fresh option at Subway, and it was great for topping salads. Sadly, the regular chicken is the only chicken option at Subway now.

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Pizza sub

We're not sure who was going to Subway looking for a personal pizza, but apparently, those people exist. You could get your Subway pizza topped with things like pepperoni and bacon…but wouldn't you rather get pizza literally anywhere else than Subway?

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Ciabatta Collection

ciabatta sandwich with cheese and vegetables

In 2019, Subway tried to give customers a fancier offering with the Ciabatta Collection. The sandwich trio included fancy-sounding sandwiches like Chicken Pesto and Garlic Steak & Provolone. But when it comes to subway, fanciness isn't what people are looking for.

Subway Club

Subway club sub
Courtesy of Subway

The discontinuation of roast beef meant that the Subway Club, which included ham, turkey, and roast beef, also fell by the wayside. RIP, Subway Club.

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