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17 Surprising Foods You Can Buy at Walmart

The big-box chain has SO many options.
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Walmart is known for its affordable Great Value line of foods and household products, but you can find plenty of name-brand items at the store, too. From healthy snacks to fresh produce to baking chocolate, there's a lot you can get at the big-box store. And you might not even know it!

Considering the fact that Walmart is one of the biggest grocery stores in the country, we decided to round up some of the things you might not have known you could buy at the retailer. Here are some of the most surprising foods you can buy at Walmart for the next time you're doing some grocery shopping. And while you're at it, go ahead and stock up on The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.

Krispy Kreme Bites

Krispy kreme doughnut bites
Courtesy of Krispy Kreme

Did you know Krispy Kreme makes donut holes you can buy in grocery stores? The new bites are only available at Walmart, and there's even a summer-ready strawberry flavor.

$3.97 at Walmart
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Annie's Organic Horseradish Mustard

Horseradish bottle

You've had Annie's salad dressings and the iconic bunny-shaped mac and cheese, but did you know Annie's also makes horseradish mustard? If your sandwiches aren't complete without a kick, you need to try this sauce ASAP.

$7.46 at Walmart
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Ribeye Steaks

pack of ribeye steaks from walmart
Courtesy of Walmart

If you don't buy your groceries at Walmart regularly, you might not know about all the chain has to offer. You can even get delicious cuts of meat that would cost way more at another grocer.

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$12.97 per lb at Walmart
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Veggie Kabobs

Veggie kabob

Whether someone in your household is a vegetarian or you just want a fun side dish for those ribeyes, Walmart makes grilling vegetables easy. The chain sells packaged fresh veggie kabobs—all you need to do is toss them on the grill.

$5.98 at Walmart
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Sir Kensington's Mayo

sir kensingtons mayo

When only the finest condiments will do, you have to try Sir Kensington's. Fortunately, it's available at Walmart in both the classic and chipotle varieties.

$4.98 at Walmart
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Hapi Wasabi Peas

hapi wasabi peas

If your snack cravings tend to be on the spicy side, these crispy wasabi peas will do just the trick.

$3.47 at Walmart
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Whisps Cheese Crisps

Whisps cheddar cheese crisps

These keto-friendly, shelf-stable cheese crisps are the perfect snack to have on hand for when a savory craving hits.

$2.97 at Walmart
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Harvest Snaps Tomato Basil Crisps

thrive market harvest snaps in the flavor tomato basil

Lentils can totally be a snack, especially when they're crispy and in a convenient snack pouch!

$2.98 at Walmart
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The Complete Cookie

lenny and larry complete cookie chocolate chip

Looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth and get some protein at the same time? This snack has you covered.

$5.97 at Walmart
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Frozen Kale

bag of walmart great value frozen chopped kale

At just $1 a bag, this kale is too much of a Great Value to pass up. (See what we did there?)

$1 at Walmart
Buy Now

Oatly Oat Milk

oatly original low fat oat-milk
Courtesy of Oatly

Yep, even Walmart is selling oat milk now. It's great for everything from lattes to cereal.

$4.38 at Walmart
Buy Now

Bare Toasted Coconut Chips

bare toasted coconut chips

Coconut chips are a delicious snack at any time of day, and you can grab a bag on your next Walmart run.

$6.98 at Walmart
Buy Now

Frozen Berries

frozen berries from walmart

Whether you're whipping up a morning smoothie or adding them to a baked treat, you can't go wrong with the Great Value frozen berries.

$1.98 at Walmart
Buy Now

Lily's Dark Chocolate Baking Chips

bag of lilys dark chocolate baking chips

These keto-friendly, no-sugar-added chocolate chips are perfect for all your baking projects.

$4.98 at Walmart
Buy Now


Rxbar chocolate sea salt

It's always a good idea to have protein bars on hand, and you can't go wrong with RXBAR.

$15.74 at Walmart
Buy Now

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Justin's Almond Butter

Justins almond butter 12 ounce walmart size

If fresh fruit and almond butter is your go-to snack, you need a jar of Justin's in your life.

$6.97 at Walmart
Buy Now

Primal Kitchen Salad Dressing

Primal Kitchen dreamy italian dressing

If you've been searching for a healthier salad dressing option, Primal Kitchen is a great choice.

$5.44 at Walmart
Buy Now
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