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Taco Bell Fans Are Outraged By the Quesarito Leaving the Menu

Quesarito will be removed from the menu in April.

All good things must come to an end, but Taco Bell customers can't get over a popular item slated to leave the menu next month. The popular chain announced last week that it is debuting five new items, including the returning fan-favorite Bacon Club Chalupa and Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito. But that also means that something else has to be discontinued to make room for the novelties.

According to an emailed announcement from Taco Bell, the Quesarito will be on the menus until April 19, which gives customers roughly one more month to order the quesadilla-burrito mashup that includes seasoned beef, creamy chipotle sauce, sour cream, nacho cheese, and seasoned rice. To no one's surprise, fans of the menu item were not happy about the change.

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Taco Bell's Quesarito
Courtesy of Taco Bell

"THEY'RE DISCONTINUING THE QUESARITO?????!?!?? WE NEED TO ORGANIZE," one Twitter user posted in the wake of the announcement.

"Taco bell taking the Quesarito away ruined my day," another commented.

Some customers theorized that Taco Bell decided to remove the Quesarito in order to ramp up demand through scarcity, so the item could make a triumphant comeback later down the line.

"They'll bring it back months from now and act like it's a big deal," a Reddit user predicted in a recent thread about the menu change.

But so far, Taco Bell has given no indication that that the Quesarito will make a grand return in the future. The chain originally launched the product as a permanent, national menu item in June 2014 following a successful test market debut.

The future of the Quesarito aside, some Taco Bell fans experienced another dose of disappointment last week when they saw the prices for the items the chain was adding to menus. Taco Bell listed the Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito and Bacon Club Chalupa for suggested prices of $3.49 and $4.99, respectively. Several frustrated customers shared pictures on the Taco Bell subreddit last week showing both of the items going for considerably higher prices in certain markets.

One customer, for example, posted a photo of a Bacon Club Chalupa priced at $6.39. In another Reddit thread, a customer shared a picture showing that a single Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito was priced at $10.99.

Taco Bell was contacted for comment on the Quesarito customer complaints but did not immediately respond.

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