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In a New Report, Researchers Warn Against Eating Raw Seafood

A new CDC report revealed new foodborne pathogen.

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What Is Triphala? Know the Truth About This Ayurvedic Anti-Inflammatory Remedy

No matter what your GI issues are, triphala could provide relief.

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12 Best Natural Laxatives That Instantly Cure Constipation

Try these before reaching for drugstore laxatives.

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15 Prebiotic Foods for Your Probiotic Efforts

Because your gut garden needs fertilizer!

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What Are Prebiotics? Plus 10 Dietitian-Approved Ways to Get More

Plus: why they're so important for overall health.

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The Best Way to Eat for Your Microbiome and Improve Gut Health

Keeping your gut health on track is actually easy!

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Should You Start Drinking Goat Milk for Gut Health?

We ask the experts if it truly makes a difference.

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