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This Candy Helps You Lose Weight

Portion control is one of the most difficult aspects of dieting.

Even when you know going back for seconds isn't going to do your weight loss efforts any favors, sometimes that dessert platter is just too tempting to ignore—and you're not the only one who struggles. Difficulty navigating this very situation is what inspired lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, Mark Bernstein, to create MealEnders, a 15-calorie lozenge that claims to ward off the urge to overeat.

Here's how it works: The idea is to start sucking on the lozenge when you're about 80 percent full, the same point at which most diet experts suggest putting the fork down. The outer layer of the candy is sweet (and comes in various flavors)—a taste Bernstein says people typically associate with the end of a meal. The second layer of the lozenge provides a cool and tingly sensation that lasts for 20 minutes—the amount of time it takes for the stomach to tell the brain it has gotten its fill. The candy doesn't contain any stimulants, hormones, or drugs, and a pack of 25 costs about $15, so there's no reason not to give it a shot.

If you'd rather not shell out the cash, cleansing your palate with a mint when you hit that 80 percent mark may work just as well. Although the average mint probably won't last for 20 minutes, it will keep your mouth occupied for five to ten so your brain can catch up to your stomach. Plus, it will rid the taste of your meal from your mouth, which can decrease the urge to go back for more. No matter which sucking candy you choose—a simple mint or MealEnders–this tactic will likely help you eat less and slim down.


Dana Leigh Smith
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