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Tips for Effectively Working With a Personal Trainer, Expert Says

A good, credible trainer will drive you to be consistent and choose the right exercises.

Whether you're just starting to work out or decided to get back to the gym with certain goals in mind, it can be a bit overwhelming as to how and where to start. Some people find the most helpful route to success is by working with a personal trainer, and we're here to give you effective pointers on how to do just that. A personal trainer can offer much knowledge on how to achieve your fitness goals, such as making sure your time spent working out is most beneficial and efficient. In addition, a trainer will teach you the correct technique, form, and how to use the equipment. We reached out to Farel Hruska, personal trainer and DEI Alliance Facilitator at Chuze Fitness to learn the best tips on working out with a personal trainer, and she has some solid advice to share.

Hruska tells Eat This, Not That!, "While there are several benefits to choosing to work with a trainer, the two biggest benefits in my eyes are the expertise and accountability." A good, credible trainer will drive you to be consistent and choose the right exercises that complement your particular lifestyle and ADLs (activities of daily life). They'll personalize the best workouts, considering your starting point, overall goals, progress, and end game. The process will drive you to see and feel results.

Read on to learn more about the most productive tips for working out with a personal trainer. And next up, check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Consider connectivity and comfort level when choosing the best personal trainer for you and your fitness goals

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Hruska points out, "When selecting a trainer, that decision should include the desire to show up for your sessions with them because you like them and what they provide. Your accountability is hinged on your feeling of success with their ongoing encouragement."

When choosing the best personal trainer for you and your fitness goals, consider connectivity and feeling right. Hruska says, "There are so many trainers with layers of education and a variety of personalities; finding the one that you feel safe and encouraged by is key. Oftentimes, referrals from friends or even the medical community can be helpful, as well."

She advises us the first step in the process is seeking the right trainer at a convenient location for you. Although this may sound like a no-brainer, your level of comfort with where you work out and with whom is key. Hruska explains, "You are the customer and your sense of well-being is most important."

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Be honest about your expectations and effort

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The next vital step is to be totally honest with your expectations and effort. Hruska says your goals are everything when it comes to your success, the workouts you perform, feeling comfortable with your approach, your commitment level with your trainer, and your overall fitness journey with them.

Think about why working with a trainer is the right move for you

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The third and final step is to determine the reason why working with a trainer is what you want to do. Hruska cautions, "Again, it may seem obvious, however, being certain this is what you want and determining why you want it will keep you motivated and dedicated. It's a commitment of time and money, your why should be at the forefront of this decision."

A  trainer relationship is one that constantly grows stronger. It's a constant learning process, starting with an evaluation of your balance and strength abilities. Stay mindful of the reason why you wanted a personal trainer in the first place and the goals you hope to accomplish.

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Communicate about the after-effects of the previous session

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It's important to communicate with your trainer about the after-effects of the previous session and any pertinent details (s)he should be aware of. Sessions typically start with a solid warm-up and end with flexibility and stretching. There's usually a discussion regarding how each workout goes, how it made you feel, and a recommendation as far as what you should be doing until your next workout together.

It's essential to remember that a healthy, fit individual cannot live by exercise alone. Healthy eating and lifestyle habits all play an integral role in your fitness journey. Be mindful of sleeping well, staying hydrated, and keeping active as often as possible each day. Challenge yourself whenever possible, too. For instance, Hruska suggests increasing your daily H2O consumption. Adopt an additional healthy habit the following week. Hruska says, "Success begets success; treat yourself with patience, grace, and persistence and the rest falls into place incrementally for long-lasting change."

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