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Why Everyone's Going Wild Over Pears From Trader Joe's

Things have gotten festive in the fruit section.

Trader Joe's has been in holiday mode for a while now, exciting shoppers with festive flavors like gingerbread, peppermint, and cranberry. Among the online chatter about the grocery chain's seasonal items is a slew of commentary about one limited-time treat that isn't a confection but rather a fruit.

Across social media, Trader Joe's customers have shared sightings of Harry & David Comice Pears, which are packaged in boxes perfect for holiday gifting. Spotted for $9.99 (or $10.99 in certain locations), each box contains three to six pears, according to shoppers. Meanwhile, food and gift producer Harry & David sells a six-count box online for $39.99.

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Spotted: Harry and David Holiday Comice Pears are Back! (Not Sure If They're Regional?)
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With so many TJ's customers buzzing about these pears, some may be left wondering what makes this fruit so special.

"They're incredibly sweet and juicy and soft and almost…creamy? If that makes sense," one Reddit user wrote.

"Very large, juicy and delicious pears. Obviously high grade. Expensive at $3.33 each but a real treat," another one said.

Someone else shared, "These are the best pears I've ever had in my life I'd gladly pay that much for a box considering the price they go for online."

To maximize the pears' flavor, multiple shoppers recommended waiting for the fruit to ripen, with one person calling the pears "overly crunchy and tart" if cut too early.

The ripening instructions advise customers to remove the pears from refrigeration a few days before eating them. The fruit should be left at moderate room temperature—65 to 70 degrees—and checked daily. The pears are ready to eat when "the flesh near the stem yields slightly to gentle thumb pressure." To slow down the ripening process, customers can pop the pears back into the fridge for a day or two.

Unlike other fruits, color is not a ripeness indicator for these pears. As noted on the instruction label, Comice pears sometimes have a pale green color even when ripe.

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The Harry & David Comice Pears are just one of many limited-time holiday items shoppers have been buzzing about on Reddit. Early this month, TJ's fans hopped on the online platform with rave reviews about the new Italian Tiramisu and Pretzel Bread Pudding. Both items come frozen and are priced at $4.49 each.

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