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Trader Joe's Just Launched a Massive Cookie That Weighs Almost a Pound

Need to feed a crowd? This new sweet treat has you covered.

If you're looking for fun, festive foods, Trader Joe's is the place to be. The cult-favorite grocery chain has been decking the halls, or rather, the aisles with various seasonal items ahead of the holidays—and a new, sizable sweet treat has shoppers buzzing.

After Trader Joe's rolled out its seasonal Shareable Shortbread French Butter Cookie, shoppers took to Reddit to praise the new confection. Priced at $7.99, this dinner plate-sized cookie is the grocery chain's take on a broyé de Poitou, a French shortbread dessert that's traditionally broken with a hammer during special events and celebrations.

Like its predecessor, this cookie is made with wheat flour, concentrated butter, sugar, egg, sliced almonds, and sea salt.  As explained by Trader Joe's, concentrated butter is butter that has had its water and proteins removed, which produces a "breathtakingly buttery flavor."

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Clocking in at 13.39 ounces, or about 0.84 pounds, this giant cookie yields 12 servings, though not everyone plans on abiding by that.

"Shareable? Ha! All mine!!!!" one Reddit user wrote. Another fan, who described this cookie as "diabolically good," shared a similar sentiment. They added, "that entire cookie is going into my mouth in less than twelve hours. i haven't felt this passionate about something in years."

Trader Joe's recommends pairing the cookie with fresh fruit and a strong cup of French vanilla coffee. However, the possibilities are truly endless—from ice cream to a glass of milk.

While one Redditor called this new baked good "overpriced," others tried to justify it, highlighting the item's notable size and ingredient list.

"It's the equivalent of a dozen cookies. Still expensive but it's a nice product," one pointed out. "Also it has no artificial ingredients or fillers which most manufacturers use these days to drive down costs," another one commented.

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As indicated on the Trader Joe's website, the Shareable Shortbread French Butter Cookie is a limited-time item, so you'll want to snag it soon. In the latest episode of the "Inside Trader Joe's" podcast, marketing executive Tara Miller revealed that the grocery chain is now selling 469 seasonal products, with 86 of these being new to the store. However, Miller added that these probably won't be available after New Year's.

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