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Trader Joe's Mystery Bags Are Back & Selling Out Fast—Here's What's Inside

They make great stocking stuffers, too!

If you're a regular Trader Joe's shopper then you've already seen and likely own several of their fun, cute, and quirky reusable shopping bags (my current favorite is the one with sardines on it which I just had to have!).

Now, Trader Joe's has brought back the most fun way to purchase these items—the mystery packs. For a limited time only, you can pick up this bundle and enjoy discovering the designs within. Each pack contains three different designs from all around the country and specialty bags that you otherwise can't get. But no peeking! These bags come in a wrapper so you won't know what you're getting until after you purchase them.

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This week, fans on Reddit were showing off their mystery bags and we are so there for the super fun designs. The original poster showed off the outside of the package of mystery bags with an intriguing question mark on the wrapper. The 3-pack was $2.99 and labeled in store as "limited supply."

Bought the mystery pack of bags
byu/Zoeyfiona intraderjoes

"No peeking" warned the words on the wrapper. "Within this pack are 3 different reusable shopping bags – bags may come from different areas around the country or specialty bags only available in this pack. Which bags? It's a Mystery."

The three bags this Redditor showed off were vibrant, colorful illustrations that represented three different states: South Carolina, showing a Low Country Boil on one side and peach tree on the other; Maryland with a crab and a horse; and square dancing design for Missouri.

"I got LA, NM and New Hampshire," commented one poster. "…is it weird I want another pack for one more surprise"

"I bought six, already put two (unopened) into a gift box I mailed on Monday," wrote another person. "They are extra fun packing materials"

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Other people commented that they were buying them as stocking stuffers. One redditor said that even TJ's employees were psyched about the bags.

"The cashier was STOKED to open them and see what I got," they posted. "Said people had been buying them but nobody had asked to open them at checkout."

On another Reddit thread, another customer showed off their mystery bags.

Mystery Pack at New Forest Hills Location
byu/TheeBigHorse intraderjoes

"I love me some Trader Joe and I bought this on a whim because of this sub," they posted. "I couldn't be happier! All three are great!" The original poster showed off pics of bags representing Chicago, Virginia and Louisiana.

"Very nice variety of bags in your pack…I especially like the Louisiana bag," commented one person.

Other fans also loved the depiction of crawfish inside brass instruments, representing the state where Mardi Gras and the Bayou reign supreme.

"I'm going to buy another one because I'm using them as Christmas gift bags and I want to keep the Louisiana one for myself," wrote the original poster.

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