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A Leaked Wendy's Memo Reveals the Next Big Menu Launch Scheduled for This Fall

...along with some discontinuations.

Wendy's made headlines with the return of its popular Pretzel Bacon Pub sandwich line this summer. And in true Wendy's fashion, there are new, exciting menu items on the docket for fall, too.

According to an unauthenticated company memo shared on Reddit, the burger chain will be adding an Italian Chicken Mozzarella Sandwich and Cheeseburger, as well as Garlic Fries to its Made to Crave menu on November 15.

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The sandwiches, which feature a garlic knot bun, fried mozzarella cheese, and marinara sauce, were tested in the Columbus, Ohio market in early 2022 to rave reviews. The memo states that the test "surpassed [Wendy's] expectations," with the Italian Mozzarella items receiving "very favorable consumer sensory scores."

While the prices of the sandwiches aren't specified, the Garlic Fries that will accompany them are said to be $2-3 above Wendy's traditional fries.

Although nothing has been confirmed, people chimed in on the Reddit thread to share their reactions to the news.

Some users expressed excitement, with one person commenting, "IF the garlic fries are like y'all's regular fries but with garlic … nom nom nom! Love Wendy's fries…" and another one writing, "Finally something good."

Meanwhile, one user was more skeptical of the impending flavor combination: "This sounds like BK's Italian Chicken, but likely superior since BK is pretty much trash these days except for the Whoppers. I can't imagine these flavors complementing a burger, but maybe someone likes beef drenched in tomato sauce?"

And as always, some items are said to be leaving the menu to make room for the new ones. According to the memo, the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit will be getting the axe "along the same timeline" as the launch of the Italian Mozzarella duo. While the Hot Honey items will be available in stores while supplies last, they will disappear from digital ordering platforms on November 14.

The news of the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Biscuit being discontinued comes nearly one month after rumors began swirling about the elimination of Wendy's Hot Honey Sauce.

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