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Why Everyone's Listening to Brown Noise to Tune Out and Relax

Brown noise is the perfect solution for mind chatter and sleepless nights.
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When it comes to wellness trends, it can be difficult to know in advance what will work best for you. Fads come and go, and your mind can be on total overload viewing various product recommendations from your favorite influencers and advertisements. Where does one even begin when it comes to all things wellness? Well, there's one new wellness trend that's taking TikTok by storm, and it's called brown noise. If you're asking yourself, "What is brown noise?" we think you'll be pleasantly surprised with this refreshing fad.

What is brown noise?

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You've probably heard of white noise, which, according to the Sleep Foundation, is a sound that has every frequency possible throughout the entire audible spectrum. Research shows white noise provides many benefits, including a better sleep environment and enhanced work performance. It can also help individuals dealing with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Unlike white noise, which sounds similar to untuned TV static, brown noise is a low-frequency sound that can be comparable to heavy rainfall, thunder, or a waterfall, according to Livescience. Brown noise is extremely relaxing to many individuals, which may be the reason why it's been quite the rage on TikTok, with the hashtag #brownnoise generating more than 98 million views.

For the low-down on this fresh TikTok sensation, we spoke to Martin Seeley, founder and CEO of Mattress Next Day, to learn the benefits of brown noise.

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Brown noise can help you relax and sleep.

There's less research on how brown noise helps promote sleep when compared to pink and white noise, but reports have shown that brown noise can make you feel relaxed, according to the New York Times, which is key in getting a good night's rest.

"With brown noise, you can hear every frequency that the ear can detect, so it can create an immersive experience that helps to mask other thoughts, meaning you can focus on one clear thing, such as relaxing, reading, or sleeping," Seeley tells us. He adds, "Research has shown that listening to music or different sounds can help your mind to relax and unwind, which is why it's common for people to listen to ocean or rainforest sounds in the evening."

It boosts your focus.

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According to Seeley, "Some people consider brown noise to be a good work soundtrack, as it can help to mask any distracting noises around you such as talking, chewing, and typing." So instead of listening to your go-to playlist, this is another method to switch things up and even boost your productivity.

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It acts as a tool for masking sounds.

If you live in a bustling city where there's a lot of outside noise, such as traffic, music, or sirens, this can disrupt your sleep quality and even concentration if you work from home. Seeley notes that brown noise can act as a tool to disguise such sounds. He explains, "Sound masking from brown noise works to drown out these loud isolated sounds by playing a continuous frequency, allowing your mind to enter a deep sleep."

Brown noise is also beneficial to those who live in the suburbs. Seeley suggests, "If you live in a quiet area such as a village, isolated sounds such as a car starting, dog barking or car alarm might also wake you, so again, brown noise will help to mask these sounds and reduce any unwanted night-time disturbances."

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