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7 Personal Trainers' Top Weight Loss Tips

Even though personal trainers are already in great shape, sometimes they need to kick things up a notch to chisel off those last few pesky pounds.

Lucky for them, they're armed with an arsenal of knowledge and know-how to lean out and lose weight rapidly. Here, some of the top experts in the fitness biz share the tricks they use in the battle against the bulge and reveal exactly how you can do the same at home!

Don't Be Afraid to Lift Heavy

"Lifting heavy weights is the best way to increase your metabolism, sustain long-term muscle growth and stay lean. If you're doing more than ten reps with ease, your weight probably isn't heavy enough, so vary your reps and consistently increase the amount you're lifting" – Dustin Hassard, NCSF, Head Coach, Modern Athletics

Ditch the Booze and Sugar

"When weight loss is the goal, I recommend avoiding alcohol, refined carbs and added sugars and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. I also recommend making time to complete intense full-body circuit workouts at least four times a week." – David Kirsch, fitness and wellness expert who has worked with celebrities like Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler and Kate Upton

Aim for 30-60-10

"Exercise is important for weight loss, however, what you eat matters most. Research shows that a Mediterranean-style diet comprised of about 30 percent protein, 60 percent fat and 10 percent carbohydrates is ideal for weight loss and overall health. If keeping track of all your macronutrients is too overwhelming, make it a target to cut your carbs in half and you will start seeing results quickly!" – Dr. Sean M. Wells, DPT, PT, OCS, ATC/L, CSCS Owner and PT, Naples Personal Training, LLC

Get Watered Down

"Water may just be the best pre-workout supplement when you're looking to shed weight. Studies have shown that strength training while in a dehydrated state can boost levels of stress hormones that hinder muscle gains by up to 16 percent! When a client is looking to trim down, I tell them to drink at least eight, 8-ounce glasses of water each day and at least 8-ounces during their workouts." – Jay Cardiello, fitness and nutrition expert who has sculpted the bodies of some of the music scene's biggest superstars, including 50 Cent and J.Lo

"Drink more water. Doing so keeps you more energetic, hydrated, fuller, and can even boost your metabolism. Drink water before a meal to avoid overeating, and replace other beverages with water for immediate results, including weight loss." – Dustin Hassard, NCSF, Head Coach, Modern Athletics

Mix Things Up

"The key to losing weight is to exercise intelligently and to truly challenge your body every time you hit the gym. If you do the same workout all the time, you won't make progress. Working on posture is also important. Standing up nice and straight can immediately make you look taller, slimmer and more vibrant." – Dan Roberts, celebrity trainer and creator of Methodology X

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Be Grateful

"Before breaking a sweat, take a moment of gratitude for your health. Doing so completely changes the energy of your workouts and can inspire you to push yourself harder." – Kit Rich, celebrity trainer and co-owner of SHIFT by Dana Perri

Think Long Term

"Don't trade something you'll enjoy in the long-run for something that will only bring you satisfaction now. Sure, it might be nice to give in to a craving or skip a workout, but before you give in, ask yourself if the satisfaction it brings now is worth the dissatisfaction you may feel later when you haven't reached your goal." – Dustin Hassard, NCSF, Head Coach, Modern Athletics

Pencil In Your Workouts

"Write down your workout and fitness class schedule before the week starts and treat each workout like an important appointment. This will help you stick to a more consistent workout schedule, which can aid weight loss efforts. – Jim White RD, ACSM HFS, Owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios

Get Off the Treadmill

"Gone are the days of slaving away on the treadmill. Cardio, such as jogging or biking, helps burn calories–but it is merely one piece of your fitness puzzle. To maximize weight loss, incorporate resistance training two to three times per week and aim for one or two days of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Be sure your body is prepared for such scheduling of exercise by going through a two-week 'break-in' period of progressive cardio and light weights." – Dr. Sean M. Wells, DPT, PT, OCS, ATC/L, CSCS Owner and PT, Naples Personal Training, LLC

Aim for Three or 30

"When I'm looking to trim down a bit, my rule is three or 30. This means 3-miles a day of walking, running or cycling or 30-minutes of circuit or strength training. It doesn't matter what it is, just get moving every day." – Kit Rich, celebrity trainer and co-owner of SHIFT by Dana Perri

Fall in Love

"Fall in love with the weight loss journey—not just the physical results. Stick to the workouts and healthy foods you actually enjoy, and never use exercises or foods that you find displeasing to reach your goal. When you enjoy all elements of your healthy lifestyle, you can commit to it for a lifetime." – Jim White RD, ACSM HFS, Owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios

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