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7 Surprising Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive

Don't let bloating, low libido, or drowsiness kill your bedroom bliss.

Make-up. Music. Tealights. Making your bed (for a change). There's a lot that goes into getting ready for a big date—especially if you're hoping to get some at the end of the night.

But have you thought about your diet?

Certain foods for your sex drive can ensure you look, feel and perform your best in the sack, giving you the confidence you desire and the stamina you need. You probably know some to avoid (like onions; Google it), but Eat This, Not That! found 7 other sneaky eats that could end your night prematurely. Scroll down to get in the know and stay safe out there!

Red Meat

grass fed beef

Gents, this one's for you: Considering taking your date to romantic steakhouse? You may want to think again—and consider cutting out meat from your diet entirely—at least if you want to up the odds she'll be into you. As strange as it sounds, researchers have found that women find guys that follow a vegetarian diet have a more masculine and attractive body odor than those who follow an omnivorous diet. Still not convinced? Consider this: Scientists say that eating a fatty foods—like steak—can cause drowsiness, which won't do you any favors if you were hoping to last all night between the sheets.

Eat This! Instead: While we can't guarantee she'll take you home if you order the veggie burger, nix meat for a week before a date and see if the farm-fresh pheromones make a difference.

Soy Sauce

soy sauce

While cozying up with some chop sticks and sushi may seem like a great idea for a hot night out on the town, drowning your rolls in soy sauce is not. A mere tablespoon of the stuff has almost half a day's worth of sodium! Eating high-salt foods not only causes bloating—which isn't what you want when you're rocking Body by Victoria—but also diminishes blood flow to the genitals. That can make it more difficult to get and maintain an erection and reach orgasm.

Eat This! Instead: Ask your waiter for low-sodium soy sauce to slash your salt intake in half—and be sure to avoid other salt-laden Japanese staples like miso soup.



Sure, you may think you look sexy while you eat it, but if you're hoping to monkey around, stay away from those bananas. It's not that they're unhealthy—quite the opposite, actually—but the fruit increases levels of melatonin (the hormone that helps you fall asleep) by a whopping 440 percent, according to a Journal of Pineal Research study.

Eat This! Instead: Honeydew melon. It's a natural diuretic, so it will banish any water retention and help you look slimmer—stat!


We're talking about food here, but no one likes a Dutch oven. To avoid an unsexy bottom burp, skip out on vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage the day of your date. Not only do these veggies make you fart more, they contain a sugar called raffinose, which increase the pungency of flatulence, making your gas stinkier, too.

Eat This! Instead: Asparagus. This anti-bloating superfood makes you pee, which can flush out excess water and relieve bloat. If you're planning to wear something sexy or revealing on your date, this can help you look even better—instantly.



Every seasoned dater knows fresh breath is a must! This is why the last thing most people do before heading out the door is pop in a mint. While cinnamon- or fruity-flavored suckers won't have any negative effects on your date night, opting for the spearmint variety can. A Phytotherapy Research study found that spearmint can significantly reduce levels of testosterone, a hormone that plays a big role in libido. Translation: Even if you're really into your date, you may just not feel in the mood to get it on. Our advice: Steer clear of this small but mighty sex-drive killer at all cost!

Eat This! Instead: Instead of a pre-date mint, brush your teeth before heading out and hydrate with H2O throughout the evening. Drinking water promotes the production of saliva, which helps dissolve stinky substances in both food and drink that are lurking in your mouth. Not to mention, guzzling water can help fight bloat, which can help you look extra lean when you strip down.

Chili Peppers

cayenne pepper

Right along with bad breath and acting rude, 26 percent of singles say that appearing unkempt tops their list of turn-offs. It's safe to say this includes sweating profusely. No one, and we mean no one, will feel compelled to heat things up if you look drenched before the bedroom activities start. To keep perspiration at bay, load on the deodorant and stay far away from restaurant dishes that contain chili peppers. The vegetable contains a component called capsaicin, which in addition to giving chilies their fire, increases body temperature and leads to sweating. The bottom line: Keep things mild at dinner if you want to spice things up after dessert.

Eat This! Instead: Look for dishes that are loaded with fresh flavors and herbs—not heat. Anything that's "fiery" or "hot" is not your friend.

Almond Milk

almond milk

You, lactose intolerant, thought you were playing it safe by opting for almond milk before the date. But if your almond milk of choice contains the thickening agent carrageenan, you're might blow up your spot. Besides being linked to ulcers and inflammation, the seaweed derivative can cause major gastrointestinal distress like bloating and gas. If you've been working on your fitness and are banking on your killer bod to help lure your honey into the bedroom, steer clear of the belly-ballooning additive!

Eat This! Instead: Silk Unsweetened Original Almond milk—or any other brand of almond milk that's made without carrageenan.

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