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Jacquie Smith

Jacquie Smith

About author

Jacquie Smith is a certified integrative nutrition health coach from IIN and a fitness instructor specializing in barre, yoga, and pre/postnatal workouts. She is also an avid athlete having completed 9 half marathons, 2 marathons and a triathlon. Her philosophy of "little adapts" allows her clients to gradually instill small, positive changes to create a sustainable lifestyle through a mostly plant-based diet, daily movement and mental wellness. Previously, she was the on-site nutrition coach and launched the barre program at WeWork's Wellness Center, Rise By We. Her clients include PWC, NBA, Women's Health, Core Club, the Four Seasons among many others and she has been featured in Authority Magazine as an influential woman in wellness. She recently transplanted from NYC to Nashville, TN with her baby and husband. You can learn more about her "little adapts" on her app, Little Adapts By Jax.

Articles by Jacquie Smith

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