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Feeling Lazy? Here Are 6 Sneaky Ways To Get More Exercise This Winter

Nourishment and movement are key.
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With winter being the darkest and coldest time of the year, you might find yourself hunkering down and cozying up inside. Why? According to the five element theory in Chinese medicine, winter is the season linked to water, which means you need to take things slower, conserve your energy, and focus on resting, replenishing, and reflecting. While this is true and necessary, it doesn't mean it's an excuse to become more sedentary and less active. Your body will be craving warmth through nourishment and movement, which is why we've put together some really sneaky ways to get more exercise this winter. They'll keep your energy flowing and leave you feeling rejuvenated just in time for spring.

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Go for a walk around your neighborhood.

mature couple on a winter walk by the lake, sneaky ways to get more exercise

There is a reason that you hear the phrase "nature heals." It's true—nothing lifts your spirits like stepping outside. I know winter temperatures can be daunting, but bundle up and get yourself out for a brisk walk around the block. You get to check off daily movement from your to-do list and give yourself a much-needed mental break.

Perform "mini-workouts" on the hour.

This oldie but a goodie "little adapt" helped my clients stay active immensely during quarantine. It's as simple as it sounds! Just choose exercises to do on the hour throughout the day. For example, you can perform 10 push-ups at 8 a.m., 10 squats at 9 a.m., etc. You'll get in a full-body workout before you know it!

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Take the stairs.

Nine times out of 10, you have the option to take the stairs or the elevator. Choose the stairs to get your heart rate up and your legs moving. Plus, you'll get in those extra steps you're probably aiming for each day.

Head to the park.

happy mother and son play in the snow next to snowman

The park is always a good idea—especially if you have pets or kids who need to expend their energy! While it's a useful tool for getting your physical activity in, it's also an easy way to socialize with friends and family without much effort.

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Park your car further away.

Another great opportunity to get in some extra steps in is by parking your car further away. While I know it's the best feeling to get that super close parking spot, resist the urge, and do your body a favor by parking at the end of the parking lot or down the street.

Hit the slopes.

man skiing snowy slopes, stretches to do after skiing concept

If you don't mind the cold, skiing is one of those sneaky sports that will leave you sore from head to toe by your last run of the day. The best part? Not only do you get a workout in, but it can also be very meditative because you're only focusing on your body and the beautiful mountain in front of you. Plus, it's so much fun!

Jacquie Smith
Jacquie Smith is a certified integrative nutrition health coach from IIN and a fitness instructor specializing in barre, yoga, and pre/postnatal workouts. Read more about Jacquie
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