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Soften Wrinkles and Get Rid of Saggy Skin With 3 Natural Practices

Have smooth, sculpted skin from head to toe.
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Getting up in years can be the beginning of many fun and exciting chapters in life. Although wrinkles and aged skin are natural, aging gracefully is not always easy. If you want to be proactive in bringing back a youthful appearance, you'll want to learn the best natural practices to soften wrinkles and get rid of saggy skin all over your body.

As a trainer and integrative nutrition health coach, I've always sought out the most natural alternatives, focusing first and foremost on exercise and nutrition. Daily movement is a major key to longevity, along with maintaining muscle mass and toning. It's also important to maintain a diet of nutrient-dense foods that provide antioxidants and fiber, resulting in improved digestion and a dewy complexion.

Is that enough? It's a good start and will play a huge role in your overall health. However, there are additional natural practices you can incorporate regularly to take full-body anti-aging to the next level. If you're wondering where to start, we've put together the best tools to increase circulation and reduce inflammation. They will also release toxins and tension in your face and body so you can have smooth, sculpted skin from head to toe.

There are some topical at-home remedies that can add moisture to your skin.

woman lemon natural skincare remedies to soften wrinkles and get rid of saggy skin

If you notice creases or lines appearing in your skin, welcome to the world of wrinkles According to Mayo Clinic, genetics play a huge role in your skin texture and structure. There are many elements that can contribute to the condition of your skin as well, including pollutants, exposure to the sun, and whether or not you are or have been a smoker.

Regardless of the cause, there tends to be a never-ending desire to keep a young glow and fit body. Hence, it's good to know that there are many options available right at your fingertips. For instance, there are topical natural remedies you have right at home that can add moisture to your skin. Egg whites are known to help with wrinkles, according to DoctorNDTV. Whip a few egg whites, and massage this mixture into your skin. This is apparently a solid way to feed your skin with extra vitamins E and B, along with protein. Aloe vera, olive oil, and lemon juice work in the same way. In fact, lemon juice has acidity, which can brighten your skin and naturally help with wrinkles. Just don't use too much!

There are also three natural practices you can add to your regular regimen that can soften wrinkles and get rid of saggy skin. Read on to learn more about them.

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Gua Sha

woman using gua sha stone to fight signs of aging skin

The first natural practice to soften wrinkles and get rid of saggy skin all over your body is gua sha. Gua sha is a healing practice that has roots in ancient China, according to Healthline. It's all about using a massage tool to gently scrape your skin. This tool is typically made from stone, and it aids in stimulating blood flow and alleviating tension. The practice is great for softening fine lines by increasing collagen production, decreasing inflammation and puffiness, and sculpting your facial muscles.

While you will mostly hear about gua sha as an anti-aging practice for the neck and the face, it is also effective for use all over your body. The key is to use light pressure and do it on clean skin with ample face oil. Check out this tutorial for my daily gua sha routine.

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Dry Brushing

woman dry brushing her legs

Dry brushing is an Ayurvedic practice that utilizes a rough brush made with natural bristles. It's a stellar way to exfoliate your skin and help your body achieve great things, such as eliminating toxins more efficiently, stimulating your lymphatic system, and increasing circulation and energy (via Healthline).

To do dry brushing, the rule of thumb is to brush toward your heart. A great time to dry brush is prior to hopping in the shower so you can wash away any dead skin.

Lymphatic Drainage

lymphatic drainage massage

Whether you've worked with a lymphatic drainage body tool before or not, you're in for a real skincare treat. Lymphatic drainage is a manual massage technique that provokes the lymphatic system to quickly push out accumulated fluid—or the lymph remaining in your cells—to your lymph nodes. As a result, lymphatic drainage decreases swelling and water retention in your body, boosts circulation, and minimizes the appearance of cellulite.

While there are masseuses who specialize in lymphatic drainage, you can also do this routine at home using a lymphatic drainage body tool of your own. Make sure to lubricate your body with oil so the tool gently glides over the skin. The goal is to do sweeping motions up toward your lymph node areas (armpits, groin, and neck). This practice is best performed immediately after the shower.

As a new mom in my 30s, my experience doing these natural practices has been a total game-changer for both my physical and mental health. I find each technique immensely meditative and relaxing, which is why I do my best to incorporate them daily. I recommend doing them at least three times each week for the best results and the happiest version of you.

Jacquie Smith, RYT 200, RPYT
Jacquie Smith is a certified integrative nutrition health coach from IIN and a fitness instructor specializing in barre, yoga, and pre/postnatal workouts. Read more about Jacquie
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