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7 Best New Healthy Chocolates

Consider yourself a chocoholic? Prepare to fall in love with these brand-new, good-for-you bites.

Every chocolate lover has their go-to favorite candy that they absolutely cannot live without. But sometimes even the most die-hard Green & Black's fans need to shake up things. And there are a number of delicious new products on the market that are sure to satisfy even the strongest of sweet cravings—without breaking the calorie bank. The best part? All of them can be purchased right online. So, all you need to do is click and order for all of your delicious chocolate dreams to come true! Psst! If all of this talk about dessert has left you drooling, check out these 20 Secretly Healthy Chocolate Recipes while you wait for your goodies to arrive in the mail!

Organic Gemini TigerNut Clusters Chocolate

organic gemini tigernut clusters chocolate

Made with fiber-packed tiger nuts (a type of root veggie), maple syrup, cacao powder, sachi inchi (a type of seed), and sea salt, these chocolatey clusters pack an impressive 5 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein per serving—all for just 6 grams of sugar! For a sweet treat, those are some pretty impressive nutrition stats.

Buy them online here, $3.59

Alter Eco Organic Dark Chocolate Black Truffles

alter eco organic dark chocolate black truffles

Love the idea of eating heart-healthy dark chocolate but can't help but melt every time milk chocolate hits your lips? Filled with a soft milk chocolate center, these dark coated truffles blend the best of both worlds—all for 76 calories and 4 grams of sugar a pop. (Inside scoop: Alter Eco is coming out with even more fun flavors of their truffles in March—mark your calendars!) For even more low sugar ways to quell your sweet tooth, don't miss these 25 Nutritionist-Approved Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth.

Buy them online here, $7.27

Soul Sprout Sprouted Truffles, Cacao Almond Butter

soul sprout sprouted truffles, cacao almond butter

While admittedly these are a bit different than your typical Godiva truffle, we think this chocolaty snack is totally worth trying if you're a health nut with an affinity for all things chocolate. Made with sprouted nuts and seeds, fruit, chia seeds, and organic cacao powder, this low-sugar, nutrient-rich treat is one you can feel good about eating.

Buy them online here, $20.88 (pack of six)

NibMor All Natural Superfruit: Cherry Dark Chocolate Bars

This perfectly portioned (1 oz.) dark chocolate is far healthier than the typical box of cordial cherries—but carries a similar flavor. And with just 140 calories and 13 grams of sugar for the entire bar, you can rest assured that giving into your cravings with this bad boy won't throw you too far off course with your diet plan.

Buy them online here, $1.49

Missy J's Coconut Almond Sea Salt Truffley Treats

missy j's coconut almond sea salt truffley treats

Since these truffles are made with carob powder instead of actual chocolate, you won't get all of the health benefits found in a conventional dark chocolate bar. What you will get, however, is a caffeine-free, vegan dessert that tastes exactly like treats made with cacao. Another reason to love this snack: Each truffle has 76 calories and just 2.5 grams of sugar—it doesn't get too much better than that when it comes to candy. Looking for even more guilt-free ways to indulge? Don't miss these 20 Healthy Desserts for Weight Loss.

Buy them online here, $3.59

Theo Chocolate's Coconut Turmeric Chocolate Clusters

theo chocolate's coconut turmeric chocolate clusters

Crispy quinoa, puffed sorghum, and toasted coconut lend a satisfying crunch to this dark chocolate coated cluster. Theo adds a bit of ground turmeric to the recipe mix to up the health factor of their newest vegan and gluten-free creation.

Buy them online here, $5.99

Chocolate Cinnamon Spice ProBurst Bites

chocolate cinnamon spice proburst bites

Despite the fact that the bulk of these protein bites are filled with cane sugar-sweetened chocolate, Enjoy Life manages to keep their snack super low in sugar. Each little ball of deliciousness has just 2.6 grams of the sweet stuff and a mere 56 calories. Pair one or two with a cup of tea or java for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up!

Buy them online here, $6.49


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